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  • 2018


    11 October 2018, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation today announced that it has won “Best New Cloud-Native VNF” “Best New Automation & Management”, “Best New Cloud Infrastructure”, “Best New Open Source Product”, “Best Network Edge” and “Best New Edge & Access Solution” at the SDN NFV World Congress, held in The Hague, Netherlands. The awards fully showcase ZTE's innovation capability and leading position in the SDN/NFV field.

  • 2017


    October 12, 2017, ZTE Corporation won “Best New Orchestration and Control” at SDN NFV World Congress, held in The Hague, Netherlands. The award fully showcases ZTE’s innovation capability and leading position in the SDN / NFV field.


    May 2017, ZTE IMS-based RCS solution won the “Most Ambitious Solution for Rich Communications” award at the IMS World Forum 2017 in Madrid, Spain.


    April 2017, ZTE ZENIC SDON solution was awarded the “Best Practice of Transport Network SDN Interworking Standardization” at China SDN/NFV Conference 2017. April 2017, at the Global Cloud Computing Open Source Summit in Beijing, three trophies of "OSCAR Open Source Technology Innovation” are awarded to ZTE's virtualization platform TECS, automated installation and deployment tool Daisycloud-core and SDN controller platform OSCP by the Open Source Cloud Alliance for ndustRy (OSCAR). In addition, ZTE's "Cloud Management Platform Product TECS" has successfully passed the Interop Challenge test and has been awarded the Outstanding Enterprise Award by OSCAR.


    January 2017, ZTE vCN solution won the 2016 annual Editor's Choice award “Excellent NFV Solution” hosted by "People's Posts and Telecommunications"

  • 2016


    November 2016, ZTE Cloud Works solution was awarded the “NFV Innovation of the Year” by Telecom Asia.


    June 2016, ZTE vCN cloud core network won The Best Core Network Product at the 5G Global Summit in London.