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Unified O&M, Efficient Operation

At present, TECS Director comes after the challenge of difficult management of multi-datacenter cloud environments. It is a unified cloud management platform for multiple data centers, aiming to simplify the management and operation of cloud data centers. The IaaS/PaaS service is provided based on the cloud environment of multiple data centers. The TECS Director is connected to the cloud environment of different data centers to manage resources in a unified manner. It provides cloud service capabilities for cloud tenants in the resources managed in a unified manner, facilitating unified planning and management of cloud resources. It also provides a tenant self-service interface, making it easier for tenants to use IaaS/PaaS services. In addition, the TECS Director collects the alarm, performance, and topology data of TECS OpenStack devices, and mines and analyzes the data to discover device risks and hidden troubles, provides analysis conclusions when a fault occurs, helping the O&M personnel in the resource pool shorten the fault delimitation and location duration, improving O&M efficiency, and ensuring the security of the cloud environment.

Products Advantages

Unified Management
Unified Management of IT and CT Resources
Unified management of distributed resource pools
Unified management of VMs, BMs, and containers

Unified Operation

Unified service operating
Hierarchical organization management
Automated self-service

Intelligent O&M

Centralized monitoring of multiple resource pools
Active fault prevention
Intelligent hidden risk identification and fault analysis

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Resource Management

    Building a logically unified cloud resource pool with physically distributed resources, and implementing unified management and display on computing, storage and network resources. It includes DC management, resource management, resource orchestration, resource usage statistic and other capabilities.

  • O&M Management

    Implementing unified management, scheduling and maintenance support for resources in all data centers, and achieving authoring-decentralized and domain-decentralized management. It provide maintenance and displaying staffs with centralized alarm and log analysis. O&M management personnel can display the running performance stat of the cloud platform through the performance dashboard. O&M management personnel of the cloud platform can use statistic report to implement capacity planning and resource auditing. In addition, TECS Director supports to provide northbound integration capability for other telecom systems.

  • Operation Management

    Packaging cloud resources into services, providing a series of operational support capabilities such as end-to-end service provisioning based on service directory, service display, service metering and service level management. TECS Director is responsible for the operating management of VDC services (VDC products), including the production and consumption of VDC services and user management during the process. VDC services include cloud host, cloud hard disk and cloud network.

  • Unified Portal

    Displaying operation and maintenance (O&M) data to users through the web interface, including user self-service portal and administrator portal. Through the user self-service portal, users can subscribe cloud services. Through the  unified interface for O&M provided by the administrator portal, the administrator implement unified management and maintenance on cloud resources, including unified management of virtual resources and physical resources, automatic resource configuration, resource and topology display.

  • Unified API

    TECS Director’s unified open API provides user with distributed resource pools and services through the Openstack native programming interface.

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