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TECS Integration Solution Introduction

The TECS integration solution is a set of complete integration solution of NFV system, ZTE provides it based on the ZTE TECS cloud platform according to many years of integration experience and various actual scenarios of the operator. It includes description of complete architecture of the NFV system, various integration methods & procedures between components and ZTE TECS, module capacity expansion & upgrade methods, optimization & test & verification of the entire system.

Through the TECS integration solution, ZTE can assist the operator to complete planning & design, deployment, verification and transferring of the NFV system. With high-quality system integration services, ZTE completes efficient and reliable NFV system delivery for the operator. The operator can also refer to this integration solution and generate a required project landing plan according to actual situation.

Highlights of plan:

  • Complete integration solution

It includes not only the integration of NFV parts such as NFVI, VIM, PIM, NFVO and VNF, but also the consideration of disaster tolerance, backup & restoration and security of NFV system.

  • Diversified integration scenarios

Provide an integration procedure, interconnection method, precautions and optimization ideas of each NFV module in different scenarios during NFV establishment, as well as capacity expansion & upgrade, third-party APP integration and so on.

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