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NFVI Cloud Infrastructure

Overview of NFVI Cloud Infrastructure Product Family

ZTE NFVI cloud infrastructure product family, TECS,  provides operators with an ICT converged cloud resource platform to meet the 5G requirements of high performance and high reliability of 5G, providing better support for network slicing and MEC and other technologies and helping vertical industries accelerate service innovations. TECS (NFVI) includes three parts: TECS Cloud Resource Pool, TECS Cloud Management Platform and the SDN Controller.

Introduction of NFVI Cloud Infrastructure Product Family

1. TECS Cloud Resource Pool: NFVI and VIM in the cloud infrastructure product family. It includes a cloud os based on OpenStack, a container cloud platform, TECS OpenPalette, based on Kubernetes, and a distributed storage system, TECS CloveStorage, based CEPH. It integrates the mainstream open source virtualization technologies in the industry, and enhances the performance, deployment ability and O&M ability , and flexibly matches the deployment requirements of ICT services.

2. TECS Cloud Management Platform: VIM+ in the NFVI cloud infrastructure product family. TECS Director provides unified O&M services at NFVI layer for telecom network, including centralized management across multiple data centers, unified management of heterogeneous resource pools and remote management of edge sites. Combined with intelligent and automatic O&M means, TECS Director significantly improves O&M efficiency and reduces the OPEX.

3. SDN Controller: Carrier-class cluster controller in the NFVI cloud infrastructure product family. It focuses on the SDN demand of cloud data center and is applied to such application scenarios as private cloud, public cloud, NFVI and hybrid cloud. Combining service orchestrator and cloud platform, it provides the E2E SDN solution of carrier-class cloud network.

Characteristics of NFVI Cloud Infrastructure Product Family

1. TECS Cloud Resource Pool (NFVI) : Open architecture, widely compatible with 3rd party hardware and software and win-win cooperation to build sustainable industry ecosystem; Unified management of virtual machine, container and bare metal, achieving elastic scalability, efficient deployment and high performance; Carrier-grade quality, system reliability > 99.999%; One key deployment, automatic discovery and management of equipment, simplify the deployment process and improve the efficiency.

2. TECS Cloud Management Platform (NFVI) : Unified resource management and orchestration of multiple geographical data centers and heterogeneous resource pools; One-stop solution of private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud; Service-oriented operation: provide fast and continuous delivery of services with technologies such as service definition blueprint for efficient design, service lifecycle management, intelligent analysis and optimization based on AI (Artificial Intelligence).

3. SDN Controller (NFVI) : Multi-DC cooperative deployment, service delivery in minutes; On-demand network, automatic  resource adjustment; Reliability: Network isolation, load balance, failure convergence in seconds.


ZTE NFVI cloud infrastructure product family fully meets the resource requirements of 5G services and paves the way for the construction of 5G network.

Products Advantages

Enhancing Open Source Software
Hardware Acceleration


Cloud Network Synergy
OpenStack + Kubernetes


AI-Driven O&M
Lightweight Edge

NFVI Product Category

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