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cloud infrastructure

The Tulip Elastic Cloud System (TECS) is a cloud infrastructure solution for both IT domain and CT domain, It builds cloud data centers on the basis of generic IT hardware devices to provide unified management and scheduling of cross-regional network resources. TECS includes two parts: the Cloud Resource PoolSolution (NFVI) and the Cloud Management Platform (CMP) Solution:

1.TECS Cloud Resource Pool Solution (NFVI) is based on OpenStack, the leading open source cloud management project in the industry, and integrates mainstream computing virtualization technologies (KVM, Docker), storage virtualization technology (Ceph), network virtualization technology, and SDN technologies, etc. Besides, multi-dimensional enhancements have been made on performance, reliability, and O&M capabilities to achieve carrier-grade quality.

2.TECS Cloud Management Platform Solution provides the planning and management capabilities of the data center, including the room resource planning of Central Office in the whole network and the unified management of multiple data centers.

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