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ZTE cloud infrastructure product, Tulip Elastic Cloud System (TECS), provides an ICT converged cloud resource platform to meet the requirements of high performance and high reliability, providing better support for new businesses and applications, and helping vertical industries accelerate service innovations. The cloud infrastructure product includes the virtualization platform, container platform, distributed cloud storage, cloud network platform, and cloud management platform.

Virtualization Platform: Based on the open-source OpenStack, KVM, Ceph, and OVS projects, ZTE virtualization platform integrates the NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) architecture, and manages and schedules general hardware facilities through open and unified interfaces, reducing service operation costs. In addition, ZTE virtualization platform enhances the open-source project in progress of the OpenStack, KVMs, and OVS, and its performance, reliability, and security meet carrier-class requirements, meeting the requirements of cloud-based deployment of telecom networks.

Container Platform: Based on open-source Docker and kubernetes technologies, ZTE container platform enhances the requirements of high reliability, high performance, and low latency in the NFV field in an all-round way, and provides users with lightweight virtualized container cloud solutions to help the telecom network architecture transform from Cloud Ready to Cloud Native.

Distributed Cloud Storage: ZTE distributed cloud storage uses the high-performance, high-reliability, and high-scalability design concept. On the basis of previous-generation distributed storage products, ZTE distributed cloud storage extends functions, improves storage management functions, and optimizes performance for actual production environments, fully meeting future service requirements of enterprises and helping them transform their IT systems. ZTE distributed cloud storage is applicable to large storage resource pools, virtualized data centers, intelligent computing centers, multimedia video data storage, Internet applications, and backup and disaster recovery.

Cloud Network Platform: The cloud networking platform provides software-defined networking controllers ZENIC vDC controllers, high-performance virtual bridges DVS, converged elastic networking services iENS family of products, where the iENS includes software gateway iENS GW, software load balancer iENS LB, and software firewall iENS FW. The cloud networking platform can meet the differentiated needs of cloud data networks.

Cloud Management Platform: ZTE cloud management platform is a unified cloud management platform for multiple data centers, aiming to simplify the management and operation of cloud data centers. The IaaS/PaaS service is provided based on the cloud environment of multiple data centers. In addition, ZTE cloud management platform collects the alarm, performance, and topology data of ZTE virtualization platform devices, and mines and analyzes the data to discover device risks and hidden troubles, provides analysis conclusions when a fault occurs, helping the O&M personnel in the resource pool shorten the fault delimitation and location duration, improving O&M efficiency, and ensuring the security of the cloud environment.

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