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Overview of Cloud Infrastructure Product Family

ZTE cloud infrastructure product family, TECS, provides an ICT converged cloud resource platform to meet the requirements of high performance and high reliability, providing better support for new businesses and applications, and helping vertical industries accelerate service innovations. TECS includes four parts: TECS CloudFoundation, TECS CloveStorage(the distributed storage system), TECS Director(the cloud management platform) and the SDN Controller.


Introduction of Cloud Infrastructure Product Family

1. TECS CloudFoundation(TCF): It includes dual-engine cloud platform (IaaS) and general technology service platform (PaaS). TCF provides deep integration to the industry's two major open source platform OpenStack and Kubernetes, widely compatible with a variety of standardized, enhanced and customized hardware equipments, and provides unified external computing power, security and operations management services with collaboration between hardware and software, to build a common cloud infrastructure platform for industry-wide applications. At the same time, in response to the diverse needs of industry users, TCF provides a common layer of technical services and an agile development framework to help industry applications achieve rapid and low-cost innovation.

2. TECS Director: It provides unified cloud management services for the cloud infrastructure layer, including centralized management across data centers, unified management of heterogeneous resource pools, and remote management of edge clouds. Combined with intelligent and automated operation and maintenance means, the cloud management platform significantly improves operation efficiency and effectively reduces the OPEX.

3. TECS CloveStorage: It is based on Ceph, the industry's mainstream distributed storage system with the design concept of high-performance, high-reliability and high scalability. It organizes the local storage resources of common hardware to build a fully distributed storage pool through software system, to provide distributed block storage services for upper-level applications, including rich functions and value-added features

4. Automation O&M tools: As the need for rapid service delivery and the growing scale of the data center , the construction and maintenance of data centers needs to be standardized and planned so that repetitive, mechanical work can be left to automation tools. The O&M automation toolkit comprehensively covers all stages of cloud management, achieving the automation of data center deployment and day-to-day maintenance through automated monitoring and operation, combined with intelligent analysis and decision-making.

5. SDN Controller: Carrier-class cluster controller in the NFVI cloud infrastructure product family. It focuses on the SDN demand of cloud data center and is applied to such application scenarios as private cloud, public cloud, NFVI and hybrid cloud. Combining service orchestrator and cloud platform, it provides the E2E SDN solution of carrier-class cloud network.

Products Advantages

Enhancing Open Source Software
Hardware Acceleration


Cloud Network Synergy
OpenStack + Kubernetes


AI-Driven O&M
Lightweight Edge

Cloud Infrastructure Product Category

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