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Innovation Creates Value

ZTE VAS consists of five major products, including ZXCMA, ZXRCS, ZXIN10 IN, ZXIN10 CRBT and ZXUN NCEE. It provides enterprises, families and individuals with value-added services based on basic voice, message and data. It can meet multiple users’ requirements such as billing, control and application.

ZTE VAS supports the access to multiple networks, and it is designed to meet various demands of VAS services under 2G/3G/4G/5G network. ZTE VAS can help operators optimize service CAPEX and OPEX, and realize service innovation and shorten TTM by using the key technologies such as NFV, consolidation, and exposure.

Products Advantages

Advanced Architecture
Elastic Scaling on Demand
Rapid System Deployment


Flexible Expansion
Convenient O&M

Unified Exposure

Centralized Access and Control
Better Developer Experiences

VAS Portfolio