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MEC Integrated Cabinet Introduction

To meet operators' needs for rapid deployment of MEC, ZTE provides the Common Edge Integrated Cabinet Solution.

Hardware integration for one-stop delivery:

The MEC servers, switches, firewalls, MECs, and software are pre-integrated in the integrated cabinet. The integrated cabinet can be used immediately after it is powered on and goes online in 15 minutes. With small footprint, high integration, and low equipment room requirements, the MEC service can be rapidly deployed in enterprise parks.

Software convergence for best service experience:

The 5G UPF and MEP are integrated to implement one-hop direct access, providing the best forwarding performance and the minimum forwarding latency. It also accelerates ICT integration to provide the unique wireless sensing capability of CT, such as LBS, RNIS, TCPO, VO and bandwidth management. These services are provided through the network capability exposing framework through the API interface. New capabilities can be introduced as the change of service requirements change.

Dual-core convergence of OpenStack and Kubernetes provides operators with a unified view of edge cloud management and services, and provides MEC services with light and flexible VMs, containers and bare metals. The management components of the edge cloud are integrated and simplified to save more than 60% management resources.

Unified O&M for unattended on edge:

The AI-based unified cloud management platform provides unified management of central cloud and edge cloud to achieve unattended edge and automatic O&M. A large number of distributed MEC resource pools are managed uniformly. The IT and CT services are orchestrated in a unified manner to achieve the rapid provisioning of third party services.

The ZTE Common Edge integrated cabinet provides a plug-and-play edge cloud solution for vertical industries, meets rich business requirements of 5G scenarios, and enables digital transformation of operators and vertical industries.

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