ZTE, China Mobile and Tencent Jointly Demonstrate the Industry's First Cloud Game Based on 5G E2E Slicing +MEC

During the MWC Shanghai Mobile World Congress 2019, ZTE demonstrated the 5G end-to-end intelligent network slicing based on the real commercial system, implementing the 8K ultra-clear live video service. In addition, ZTE worked with China Mobile and Tencent to demonstrate the industry's first 5G end-to-end slicing +MEC(Multi-Access Edge Computing) system for cloud games. This is the world's first cloud game slice demonstration using 3GPP 5G SA standard, fully demonstrating the guarantee for the bandwidth, latency and user experience of services, such as cloud games. The slice mall demonstrated together with this service further demonstrated the great potential of the slice operation business model. 

5G end-to-end network slicing is a unique technology of 5G network, it supports differentiated SLA requirements for a large number of different services in vertical industries. ZTE is one of the few equipment providers in the industry that can provide end-to-end commercial slicing systems, the 5G end-to-end intelligent slicing solution provided by ZTE covers a full range of 5G products, such as 5G NR, 5G Flexhaul, Common Core and CloudStudio slicing management, which Integrates advanced technologies such as SBA architecture, Slicing Channel and slice-level air interface resources scheduling, and easily implement end-to-end slicing across 5G subnets. In addition, 5G end-to-end slicing system uses the AI technology to build key capabilities such as Intent Engine, intelligent analysis&perception, and automatic orchestration, implementing automatic slicing provisioning and intelligent real-time guarantee driven by Intentions, rapidly responding to user requirements, improving service quality and experience. 

Cloud games are based on cloud computing, Interaction latency depends on network communication latency, and multimedia transmission is more sensitive to network latency. 5G mobile edge computing and network slicing technologies guarantee high bandwidth and low latency for cloud games. ZTE, together with China Mobile and Tencent, made in-depth research on the service requirements and features of cloud games, formed an end-to-end intelligent slicing +MEC(Multi-Access Edge Computing) solution that provides high-level quality assurance. 

This demonstration presents the services carried on different slices. By comparing the service smoothness and definition differences between VIP users and common users, this exhibition demonstrates the differentiated guarantee of end-to-end 5G slices for users of different levels, which provides powerful support for innovative business models, such as differentiated rights and interests and multi-dimensional operation of customers. 

At the same time, the intelligent edge computing network platform TSEC (Tencent Smart Edge Connector), developed by Tencent, constructs MEC PaaS service, implements efficient coordination of 5G capabilities and services, and provides low latency & high bandwidth guarantee for cloud games, as well as offloading, acceleration, tunnel and load balancing for services. ZTE MEC platform solution provides cloud service, multi-connection and arithmetic acceleration for TSEC forwarding plane, and VM, container, bare machine metal resources and acceleration capability. This demonstration is supported by the cloud game platform provided by Tencent Cloud. Cloud games are rendered in the MEC(Multi-Access Edge Computing) for image acceleration. The rendered media streams are directly sent from MEC to terminals, implementing local MEC offloading, reducing network bandwidth usage and latency. 

The demonstration also covered enterprise-end users' slicing mall systems and individual hand slicing mall APPs. By slicing shopping malls, enterprise users can select slices freely and configures flexibly, realizes one-key launch and self-management. Individual users can buy one-click games/video acceleration packages etc by mobile clients, and enjoy 5G network game acceleration, ultra-clear video experience, and other services brought by 5G end-to-end slicings. 

It can be seen from the scene that the game is smooth, the game players do not need to download the game, they can play online, with 4K and 60 frame rate ultra HD experience, 30-40Mbps rate and 5-10 ms latency. In addition, users can watch live games on their mobile phones or computers. 

4G changes life and 5G changes society. China's 5G license was issued on June 6th this year, all industries are actively seeking for the combination chances of 5G applications and other industries. ZTE, in cooperation with China Mobile and Tencent, has verifies 5G applications, starting from cloud games, and it shall continue to deepen 5G technology R & D and explores business model innovation together with partners.