Simplified Network

Building efficient, intelligent, and open 5G Cloud & Network

Training Service Introduction

The training service helps the customer know cloud CN relevant technologies such as technology principle, operation & maintenance commissioning deployment and optimization. By virtue of deep understanding and insight of ICT industry, ZTE gathers excellent teachers to provide product technology training for the customer, which helps the customer train excellent talents on demand and support the operator to achieve commercial success.

[Product Highlights]

  • Abundant curriculum

Provide basic technique configuration of SDN/NFV, and abundant service product training improving knowledge and capability of the customer quickly.

  • Professional

Create the curriculum system for ICT industry with expert teaching teams of the actual telecom combat project and various training & learning platforms providing a one-stop solution.

  • Various training methods

Based on ZTE University, it provide various training methods of network on-demand, on-site training and lecturer guided class training, so that the students can select appropriate training methods according to their own features and requirements.

  • Putting the theory into practice

In addition to the theory training, based on online experience of Openlab, the students can perform the experiment directly, which can train and promote their capability of operation.

Major Function

  • Storage technology basis

    Storage technology basis training includes:

    • Basic server knowledge
    • Introduction of basic storage knowledge
    • Types of storage
    • Storage protocols
    • RAID technology basis
  • Virtualization technology basis

    Virtualization technology basis training includes:

    • Overview of virtualization technology
    • Computing virtualization technology
    • Storage virtualization technology
    • Network virtualization technology
  • OpenStack basis

    OpenStack basis training includes:

    • The latest version architecture of OpenStack
    • Detailed introduction of Nova function
    • Detailed introduction of Cinder function
    • Detailed introduction of Neutron function
    • Detailed introduction of Glance function
    • Detailed introduction of Keystone function
    • Detailed introduction of Heat function
  • Cloud computing basis

    Cloud computing basis training includes:

    • Development of cloud computing
    • Basic architecture and concept of cloud computing
    • Key technologies of cloud computing
    • Applications of cloud computing on the Internet
  • ZXTECS system

    ZXTECS system training includes:

    • Introduction of ZTE virtualization platform
    • Introduction of industry trends and standards
    • ZTE TECS cloudification solutions and features
    • Successful cases of ZTE TECS
  • Introduction of ZTE virtualization hardware products

    ZTE virtualization hardware products training includes:

    • ZXCLOUD E9000 server
    • ZXCLOUD R5300 G3/G4 server
    • Fujitsu DX100S3 disk array
    • ZXCLOUD KS3200 disk array
    • ZTE 59/99 series switch
  • TECS operation & maintenance

    TECS operation & maintenance training includes:

    • Introduction of TECS interface
    • Functions and operations of TECS
  • Introduction of ZXUN CloudStudio products

    ZXUN Cloudstudio system training includes:

    • Overview of ZXUN CloudStudio system principles and key technologies
    • General introduction of ZXUN CloudStudio products
    • Introduction of ZXUN CloudStudio features
  • ZXUN CloudStudio deployment training

    ZXUN Cloudstudio deployment training includes:  

    • Introduction of ZXUN CloudStudio deployment procedure
    • ZXUN CloudStudio deployment practice
  • ZXUN CloudStudio operation & maintenance

    CloudStudio operation & maintenance training includes:

    • Introduction of VNF NE instantiation procedure:
    • VNF NE instantiation practice
    • VNF life-cycle parameters configuration
    • VNF NE instantiation practice
    • VNF NE scale in/out practice
    • VNF NE automatic scale in/out practice
    • VNF NE cold/hot migration practice