5G Slice Management

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5G Slice Management

5G slice management solution
5G network slice is the key to the digital transformation for the 5G network supporting industry. By cutting multiple virtual network slices on a unified physical network, it can be used to adapt the differentiated requirements of various industrial services such as industrial control, automatic driving, smart grid, telemedicine and so on. 5G network slice also puts forward new requirements for network management. 5G network slice management requires user-centric, real-time and on-demand provision of service-guaranteed network slice services.
ZTE’s 5G slice management solution meets user-oriented slice requirements, adhering to the core concept of "agile, automatic, intelligent, and open". With the help of the advanced micro-service architecture and template-based service design engine, the fast slice onboarding is achieved. With the help of end-to-end automatic orchestration, deployment and activation functions, the rapid slice fulfillment is realized. With the help of the intelligent closed-loop assurance functions based on big data and AI, automatic operation and maintenance of slices is implemented. With the help of the 5G slice capability exposure platform, it promotes the cross-border integration of 5G and vertical industries, stimulates massive application innovations, and achieves the perfect combination of 5G social values and business values, to create a new digital economy ecosystem.
The solution will push the technology maturity of 5G commercial system to a new level, and lay a solid foundation for the 5G slice-based network operation model.
Customer Value
  • Agile slice design

    drug-and-drop slice design mode and complete tools chain, fast slice deployment.
  • Automatic slice deployment

    hierarchical orchestration architecture and intelligent perceptions, slice real-time, automatic deployment and offline, fast service respond.
  • Intelligent slice assurance

    slice real-time monitor and slice automatic O&M based on auto close-loop assurance mechanism.
  • Open Capabilities

    Provides a unified interface with open capabilities to external systems, which accelerates service innovation, new service release and TTM.