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Third-party APP Integration Service Introduction

When the operators' virtual network steps to O & M and service expansion stage gradually, the operators need to introduce new vendors and new services to enrich their service blueprint. It is necessary to build the integration service capability that can introduce third-party APPs quickly.

With many years of NFV technology accumulation and project practice experience, ZTE can understand the customers' requirements deeply for helping the customers build sustainable and fast third-party APP integration capabilities. The service can realize integration of third-party APPs?quickly through requirement investigation, integration HLD/LLD planning & design, VNFD creation, third-party APP package import, integration test, and verification. accelerating service provisioning.

[Product Highlights]

  • Provide flexible integration framework.

Provide an integration interconnection plan of various third-party APPs such as Heat integration, general G-VNFM integration, dedicated S-VNFM integration, container cloud platform integration, so to satisfy the customers' diversified scenario requirements. It has abundant integration LVM and FCAPS cases, and can provide a flexible integration framework based on ETSI NFV architecture interface enhancement and Openstack/Kubernetes DE facto standard API.

  • Professional integration design capability

ZTE has professional resource pool integration architecture design capabilities, which can satisfy the requirement of different third-party APPs about telecom service features. Meanwhile, ZTE can provide a unified third-party APP investigation & design template introducing auto design tool which can output HLD/LLD for the integration to quickly decrease communication cost and promoting design efficiency.

  • Provide diversified integration

ZTE follows the cooperation idea of integration and open, and can provide various pre-integration verification plans for the customers. It's OK to establish a pre-integration environment in both of ZTE Openlab and the customer provided POC lab. ZTE guides or cooperates with the third-party APPs to complete pre-integration verification, so as to guarantee fast and stable provisioning of solutions and to decrease system commercialization risks.

Major Function

  • Requirement investigation

    ZTE selects a specific integration interconnection plan according to NFVI resource requirement, interface requirement, customers' service requirement and O&M management requirement of APP/VNF NE integration which is offered by the third-party APP vendors.

  • Integration planning

    Design the network planning for the third-party APP integration, mainly including network architecture, network resource planning, IP/VLAN resource planning, AZ/HA/tenant/subscriber planning, NTP planning, and name planning. Confirm the overview plan, and then design the execution, configuration and test plan.

  • Integration development

    Perform adoption development of necessary interfaces or plug-ins based on the selected integration plan. Generate VNFD files for importing the third-party APP packages with the auto tool which is developed by ZTE, and perform encapsulation of the third-party APP mirror packages.

  • Integration verification

    In an Openlab environment or the project test environment on site, establish the test environment according to the customer's requirements to deploy the third-party APPs and ZTE platform system and to perform the pre-integration test. Aspecific test includes function test, performance test, reliability test, and service test.

  • Service online

    Complete the integration interconnection and deployment of third-party APPs on the customer's commercial DC, and complete horizontal interconnection on demand to provision APP services, complete the test on site and the customer's acceptance based on the manual acceptance guide.