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Smart MEC O&M Introduction

MEC O&M focuses on MEC resources, network platform capabilities and applications, covering site commissioning, service launch, O&M management, self-maintenance, and other full-life cycle management. Based on the characteristics of MEC distributed deployment and heterogeneous resources, how to introduce automatic and intelligent means in various stages of O&M to support the MEC to provide agile application deployment and reliable service guarantee for the To B industry, and finally achieve self-management of edge is a common concern of operators and the industry.

ZTE MEC edge management layer includes such systems as MEO, VNFM, OMC, MEPM, user log analysis and O&M tools. The MEC-oriented management provides the following functions.

  • Out of the box: The edge management domain MEO collaborates with the OMC and MEPM to provide automatic management and one-point configuration of the edge cloud, so as to implement the out-of-the-box deployment mode of the edge MEC and shorten the deployment period of the MEC site.
  • Agile going online: The MEO collaborates with the edge cloud to provide the orchestration and deployment mode driven by the model, align with the application online flow of the public cloud, and provide the deployment mode such as on-demand resources distribution, thus simplifying the IT application deployment. In addition, as the ecosystem of the integrated cloud and network , the MEPM/OMC provides atomic capabilities such as network offloading and service strategy according to typical scenarios, implements on-demand and one-click distribution of service strategies and supports the fast end-to-end launch of industry applications.
  • Autonomous management: In the face of MEC distribution, virtualization, and industry SLA differentiation, mature automation and AI technologies in the telecommunications field are introduced to provide global monitoring, active maintenance, and timely prevention, achieving autonomous edge management, effectively improving the maintenance efficiency of edge MEC and the end-to-end service quality of industry applications.

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