China Mobile Collaborates with ZTE and Other Partners to Release “China Mobile DPU Technical White Paper”


8 August 2022, Shenzhen, China - ZTE Corporation (0763.HK / 000063.SZ), a major international provider of telecommunications, enterprise and consumer technology solutions for the mobile internet, today announced that the 2022 Global Digital Economy Conference was held in Beijing. At the conference, China Mobile, together with ZTE and other partners, released the China Mobile DPU Technology White Paper. This white paper clarifies the development of DPUs, introduces the technical architecture of DPUs, analyzes the challenges to DPU implementation, and proposes suggestions on DPU standardization, to deliver the ideas of China Mobile for promoting the development of DPU technologies, build a complete DPU ecosystem, and promote the maturity of DPU technologies.

As the main force for building "a digital China, a strong network country, and a smart society", China Mobile actively implements the project deployment of "data in the east & computing in the west", attaches great importance to the deployment of computing power, and proposes a new development plan for computing power networks. As a key processor of the data center, the DPU is the key hub to meet the cloudification, computing, network, and storage requirements of the data center.

Currently, China Mobile has carried out research on key technical architectures in the DPU field. To promote the healthy development of the DPU industry chain and form systematic solutions, China Mobile will work on standards and industries. Based on its experimental network and pilot of the computing power network, China Mobile verifies the feasibility of the technical solutions, and promotes the development of DPU technologies and industrial prosperity together with ZTE and other partners. 

The emergence of DPU is a major breakthrough in the general computing architecture and an important milestone in heterogeneous computing. It helps solve network virtualization bottlenecks and achieve a huge innovation in data center, cloud-network convergence, and computing power networks. To promote the actual progress of DPU implementation, improve industry interconnection efficiency, and reduce repeated adaptation, ZTE helps China Mobile put forward DPU standardization suggestions in terms of software and hardware, and explore DPU standardization solutions together with the industry to promote healthy development of the industry. In addition, the ZTE NEO cloud card uses the standard architecture of DPUs in the white paper to support unified unloading of bare metals and virtualized environments, providing customers with data center solutions with higher performance, security, and ease of management.

The digital economy is in an unprecedented stage of development. New technologies, new forms of business, and new scenarios are emerging, and computing power is gradually becoming the core productivity in the new era. As an important carrier for computing power unloading, the DPU is positioned as one of the three core chips of the data center. ZTE will continue to help China Mobile promote the development and maturity of the DPU technology and accelerate the commercial use of DPU products.