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ZTE EPC Empowers Mobile Internet

ZTE vEPC core network products adopts NFV (Network Functions Virtualization) technology, realizes virtualized EPC ( vEPC ) system. Virtualized EPC ( vEPC ) product can run in mainstream cloud environment. The vEPC(Virtualized Evolved Packet Core) product doesn’t need to run on a purpose-built hardware. This product can shorten the new service time to market, build an open ecosystem, and stimulate service innovation. At the same time, the vEPC(Virtualized Evolved Packet Core) product can decrease the cost of OPEX and CAPEX. ZTE vEPC product is one of key parts of ZTE Cloud Unicore, it includes the followings: -ZXUN uMAC:Supports SGSN, MME functions -ZXUN xGW:Supports SGW, PGW, GGSN, ePDG functions ZTE’s virtual Evolved Packet Core ( vEPC ) network has been introduced in Kyrgyzstan and Laos in February 2016. ZTE has also developed a large-scale vEPC (Virtualized Evolved Packet Core) network constructed in the Commonwealth of Independent States which is devoted to network technology transition and ICT convergence. In addition, ZTE actively takes part in developing commercial tests with leading operators in Europe and the America. To address customer needs, ZTE designed a solution which allows vEPC system and legacy EPC network to form a hybrid network featuring elasticity and on-demand deployment. “ZTE is happy to provide customized professional virtualized EPC equipment and services to address webe’s ongoing business needs,” said Xu Ziyang, president of ZTE's telecom cloud and core network products. In the field of virtualization, ZTE has been committed to bringing innovative, leading technology solutions and products to operators. ZTE will devoted to developing more reliable virtualized EPC ( vEPC ) system and the virtual evolved packet core ( vEPC ) products ZTE provide will create a new era of cooperation in virtualization technology innovation.

Products Advantages

High Integration
Large user capacity
Low power consumption
Small footprint


Support 2/3/4G simultaneously
Convergent and shared resource
Simplified network interworking

Easy O&M

One-click deployment
Automatic O&M
Elastic scaling

vEPC Portfolio

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