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Mobile Network Positioning Service

LBS (Location Based Service) provides the location capability for subscribers by obtaining the location information (longitude and latitude coordinates) of mobile subscribers through the mobile network.

As mobile phone becomes an indispensable part of our life, the importance of the mobile positioning service is gradually highlighted. In IoT, national security, smart transportation/city, emergency coordination, logistics tracking, and product traceability, location capability is one of indispensable core capabilities, and LBS plays an important role in more industries.

ZXUN iLBS mainly includes the NEs defined in three 3GPP specifications: GMLC, SMLC and E-SMLC, it has the following advantages:

  • One platform supports 2/3/4G network systems at the same time, helping operators save investment and simplify operation and maintenance.
  • Supporting various positioning methods such as CELLID, TA, RTT, ECID and A-GPS, and adopts the integrated positioning algorithms to meet the different positioning requirements of customers.
  • Supporting virtualization/cloud deployment, supporting scalability and reducing operators' CAPEX/OPEX

Products Advantages

Advanced architecture
Decouple hardware and software
Service and data separation
Fast system deployment


Support 2/3/4G simultaneously
Convergent and shared resource
Simplified network interworking

Easy O&M

One-click deployment
Automatic O&M
Elastic scaling

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • GMLC (Gateway Mobile Location Center)

    • The MLP Le protocol (Le interface protocol defined by the OMA) is used to interconnect with the LCS Client/SP, receiving the location request from the SP, and implementing the blacklist/whitelist authentication and Cell ID location with low accuracy.
    • The positioning request can also be sent to the SMLC/SLP with higher positioning precision according to the user's positioning precision request.
  • (E-) SMLC (Serving Mobile Location Center)

    • In 2G and 3G networks, it is called SMLC. In LTE networks, the SMLC product evolves into E-SMLC.
    • It is required to convert the position requested by the client into the corresponding wireless network/GPS measurement parameters, and calculate the final result and precision according to the measured value and the returned position estimation.