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Good Voice and Good Vision

ZTE Virtualized IMS (vIMS), based on the NFV architecture, can be deployed on the general COTS hardware and supports seamless roaming among 2G, 3G, 4G, and WiFi networks, as well as fixed-mobile convergence (FMC). ZTE Virtualized IMS (vIMS) adopts low coupling and stateless layered design; it separates public modules from service logics and make them general components; and separates the service control plane from the user plane and thus making the deployment more flexible. ZTE Virtualized IMS (vIMS) introduces micro-services, network slicing, DevOps, and other innovative technologies and ideas, facilitating smooth evolution to the future Cloud Native network.

vIMS Solution Portfolio

ZTE's virtualized IMS (vIMS) portfolio has already been cloudified and can be deployed together with the legacy vIMS network to ensure smooth network upgrade. By miniaturizing and deploying Virtualized IMS (vIMS) on the public cloud , carriers can fast verify and construct a cloud-based network at a low cost.

Solutions Advantages

Advanced architecture
Decouples hardware and software
Service and data separation
Excellent interoperability
Better experience
Extensive access
Enriched services
Capability exposure
Easy O&M
One-click deployment
Automatic O&M
Elastic scaling

Solution scenarios

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