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Accelerating ICT transformation and service innovation

Lower Operating Costs, Better User Experience

Provide 5G voice services in multiple modes

ZTE's 5G voice solution is based on the IMS architecture. It provides 5G voice services in two ways: EPS fallback and VoNR through the deployment of new 5G voice network in SA mode. At the same time, it also supports evolved 5G voice network based on NSA mode, and together with the VoLTE network, it guarantees the continuity of voice services.


Smooth evolution of the existing network saves operating costs

The VoLTE network can smoothly transition to the 5G voice network through software upgrades, and the CS network can be retrofitted to the 5G voice network in the ICS mode to maximize the protection level of the operators' existing investments.


Comprehensive 5G voice services enhance user experience

The decoupling of service and network capabilities can improve the efficiency of service development; 5G voice and message convergence services can promote service revenue growth; 5G voice industry applications can create an innovative industrial chain and ecosystem.


Strong media capabilities provide reliable guarantee

The first company to adopt GPU hardware acceleration methods to effectively overcome the limited TC capability and improve 5G voice media interoperability. At the same time, a media-plane convergence mechanism is introduced to support new 5G voice services with low latency, large bandwidth, and high quality.


Intelligent OAM optimizes 5G voice network performance

Intelligent OAM functions such as 5G voice perception evaluation, end-to-end 5G voice quality analysis & optimization, end-to-end signaling delimitation, and expert system generation can achieve great optimization of 5G voice network performance. The MagicEye platform can realize functions such as rapid fault location, network status monitoring, network performance optimization and 5G voice quality analysis.


As the 5G system evolves to service-based architecture, ZTE’s 5G voice solution introduces 5G voice microservice components and network slicing, gradually breaking through the traditional "people-people" communication model, and supporting "people-things" and even "things-things" The communication mode provides brand new 5G voice services and opens up a broad industry application market.

Solutions Advantages

Based on Common Core architecture
Multiple access types of terminals
Full-type 5G voice services
Integrated 4G/5G signaling networks
Comprehensive service capabilities
Rich legacy and new services
Integrated short message services
Industry applications deployed on demand
End-to-end OAM capabilities
Design, deployment and OAM integration
Bigdata-based analysis and policy
End-to-end 5G voice visualized OAM

Customer Value

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