Cloud & Network Synergy

Accelerating ICT transformation and service innovation

Based on the VoLTE/VoNR Network, Bringing Interactive and Immersive Innovative Services

ZTE 5G New Calling Solution is a new voice solution using IMS data channel architecture to provide interactive or immersive rich media services based on the existing network. New components such as new call media plane and new call service platform should be deployed, and the functions of IMS NEs should be upgraded. 


Improving user experience

Based on HD voice, ZTE 5G New Calling Solution provides innovative interactive or immersive services in the form of text, picture, video, web-page, location or action, which can significantly enhance the user's loyalty and enhance the customer's market competitiveness in the voice service field. 


Fast implementation of new services

ZTE 5G New Calling Solution supports capability opening architecture, breaks through the "shaft" service implementation mode, eliminates service islands, promotes service innovation and speeds up service delivery. In addition, the 3rd party application developers are introduced to provide enterprises, families and individuals with new integrated services. 


Flexible deployment

ZTE 5G New Calling Solution adopts standard cloud-based architecture, is compatible with the 3rd party hardware and various types of cloud platforms, supports elasticity and dynamic resource management, and improves network operation efficiency. In addition, slicing-based deployment is allowed to meet differentiated competition requirements of different customers. 


Foster a win-win ecosystem

ZTE 5G New Calling Solution gives full play to the core competitiveness of the operator's network, establishes an application developer alliance, accelerates time-to-market of native terminals, and expands the vast blue ocean market. Meanwhile, It adapts to the trend of new calling services from "listening first" to "seeing first", and promotes the development of supporting industries. 

Solutions Advantages

Improving user experience
Interaction through all-media forms
Fun, caring, personalized, and immersive
Throughout pre-call, mid-call and post-call procedures
Flexible data capability
Supporting IMS and Internet bearers
Supporting native & customized SDK terminals
Supporting terminal H5 small programs and APPs
Reusing existing resources
Based on existing VoLTE/VoNR network
Inheriting capability exposure platform
Working with industrial customer service system

Customer Value