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Multi-Access Edge Computing Accelerates the Services Innovation

The ZTE Common Edge MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing) solution includes a MEP capability exposure platform, a lightweight edge cloud, a full range of edge-oriented servers, and edge acceleration.

The ZTE Common Edge MEC solution focuses on 4C:

1. Capability of edge computing : The exposure platform for the joint construction of an ecosystem

  • Edge Computing Network capability exposing: More than 100 kinds of edge network information and capabilities of ZTE edge computing solution such as LBS (high-precision location service), RNIS (Radio network information service), TCPO (TCP optimization service) and VO (video optimization service) are exposed to the external, accelerating service innovation.
  • Edge Computing Application enabling:  ZTE edge computing solution provides video identification services, low latency video services, and IoT equipment management services, and supports integrating third party services.

2. Connection of edge computig : Multiple models and fixed/mobile convergence

  • Oriented to full connection: ZTE edge computing solution integrates access of wireless network and fixed network, supporting multiple systems such as 4G/5G/Wi-Fi.

3. Cloud of edge computing : Cloudified deployment and unified O&M

  • Through in-depth integration of OpenStack and Kubernetes, ZTE edge computing solution provides operators with a unified edge cloud view, and a mature resource management system involving unified computing, unified network, unified storage and unified security, improving management efficiency and resource utilization.
  • Precise management components are jointly deployed with compute nodes. Lightweight edge cloud can save management resources by 60%.
  • The AI-based unified cloud management platform provides unified management of central DCs and edge clouds to implement non-attendance and automatic O&M of edge cloud.

4. Compute of edge computing : Dedicated hardware 

  • Embedded MEC in BBU: Provides computing, storage and network resources on the NR BBU, and constructs NR-level edge computing platform for "one-hop through".
  • Embedded MEC in OLT: Constructs the edge computing platform based on the in-built OLT blade, requiring no extra space, to solve problems of insufficient space, power supply and AC cooling for the comprehensive access equipment room.
  • Integrated MEC in Cabinet: Completes software and hardware pre-integration in the factory for out-of-the-box and unmanned O&M. It is advantaged in flexible location selection, rapid deployment, and simple O&M.
  • Cloudified MEC in COTS: Uses cloud resource pool based on COTS to deploy edge computing platform. 

White Paper:ZTE Common Edge White Paper

Solutions Advantages

Full Connection Oriented
4G/5G integrated access
Fixed/mobile converged access
Flexible traffic offloading
Full Capability Exposure
Exposing the IaaS capability
Exposing over 100 network capabilities
Enabling services
Full Distribution of Computing
Distributed cloud platform
MEC-oriented server
Edge acceleration hardware

Deployment Experience

Solution scenarios

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