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Cloud Reliability Solution

To guarantee the availability of the data centers, ZTE provides multilayer all-round reliability solution including backup recovery solution and disaster recovery (DR) solution, to automatically switch the services without any customer perception. It includes the following two parts:


1. Backup Recovery Solution

The backup recovery solution ensures the automatic recovery and operation of virtual machine through multi-dimensional disaster recovery strategy, supports the redundancy protection of Active-Standby mode and 3-Nodes mode for controller nodes, and provides distributed open source backup and recovery system based on OpenStack Freezer, which mainly includes all components of data acquisition, data transmission, data storage and information management, so as to provide data backup and recovery of system and virtual machine.

 2. Disaster Recovery Solution

Geographic Active-Standby DR: A production center and a DR center are respectively built at two places, and each center is deployed with one set of TECS cloud platform. Data of the production center is synchronized to the DR center through the synchronization function of storage disk array or Ceph cluster. Thus, when the production center fails, the DR center is started rapidly, to recover services in the least time.

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