Cloud & Network Synergy

Accelerating ICT transformation and service innovation

Precise Cloud Solution

As 5G enters the acceleration phase, how to empower the digital transformation of the industry is the focus of the whole society. At present, customers in the industry are facing  key problems such as fragmented application scenarios, heterogeneous collaboration of multiple technologies, high security, and low costs. With the development of enterprises and services, public cloud services are exposed with lots of disadvantages such as high redundancy costs of full-stack cloud, data privacy risks, and no assurance of end-to-end SLA.

To tackle these problems, ZTE proposed the Precise Cloud Network Integrated Solution. From the perspective of industry customers, ZTE focuses on key issues and supplies a differentiated and customized solution to provide precise services. This solution consists of two parts: distributed precise cloud and deterministic precise network. The distributed precise cloud is a network infrastructure that integrates key technologies for typical scenarios. It supports to select and deploy software and hardware on demand in different scenarios to meet differentiated requirements. In addition, it supports lightweight starter and rapid iteration to accelerate agile innovations for industry users.

The distributed precise cloud solution includes full-scenario hardware equipment, dual-core cloud platform of VM and container, and the basic middle platform and unified cloud management platform that can provide edge computing, big data/AI and other capabilities.


Solutions Advantages

Precise IaaS+
Dual-Engine VIM
Resource Scheduling On-Demand
Precise PaaS-
Cutting PaaS Components On-Demand
Precise SaaSx
Agile & Fast
Developing New Services On-Demand

Customer Value