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MEC Full-Scenario Deployment Introduction

ZTE Common Edge full-scenario MEC solution helps operators implement MEC one-stop deployment, self-service provisioning, and simplified O&M, enabling ubiquitous MEC. According to different deployment locations, ZTE Common Edge provides a full series of MEC hardware on demand, such as BBU, OLT, dedicated server and general server, to achieve the best performance.

  • Embedded MEC in BBU: To meet the low latency requirements of less than 5 milliseconds for industrial control and other services, a base station-level MEC is constructed on the built-in board of the BBU to implement one-hop air interface direct access.
  • Embedded MEC in OLT: The MEC platform is constructed based on the in-built OLT blade, requiring no extra space, to solve problems such as insufficient space, power supply and AC cooling for the comprehensive access equipment rooms.
  • Integrated MEC: The integrated MEC cabinet has built-in servers, switches, and firewalls, and features flexible location selection, rapid deployment, and simple O&M. It is applicable to one-stop deployment in enterprise parks.
  • Cloudified MEC: The Cloudified MEC is applicable to large-scale deployment of edge DCs. The dual-core engine provides diversified resources for the MEC service to meet the AR/VR service requirements in 20ms.

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