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Forging Multi-scenario & Open Integration Solution

Through hardware & software decoupling and hardware generalization of NFV, the network architecture of telecom operators can be more open. However, NFV involves many vendors and open interfaces, and thus multi-vendor system integration has so many challenges, such as immature standard, incomplete ecosystem, fuzzy fault analysis & location boundary, frequent service update, and difficulty in guaranteeing reliability.

ZTE cooperates with mainstream NFV vendors based on Openlab making a crossed verification plan and scheme of NFVI layer, VIM layer, VNF layer and NFVO layer together with them, finds and solves multi-vendor interoperability problems and reliability problems in advance, accumulates abundant multi-vendor integration experience, and builds an E2E solution knowledge repository. ZTE provides a multi-scenario, open and customizable integration solution to satisfy the customer's different requirements based on the Openlab experience repository. With pre-integration verification in Openlab, the solution can decrease the risk of system commercialization greatly, shorten the online launch time of new services, and decrease the construction cost.

Solutions Advantages

Standard interfaces
The interconnection interfaces of multi-vendor components prefer international standards, and industry standards in second.
Multiple rounds of iteration output high quality solution.
Organize the experts of each realm for multiple rounds of review, and output the optimal and high quality solution.
Pre-integration verification decreases commercialization risks.
Build an OpenLab verification environment to conduct multi-dimensional test and verification;
Output business guidance manual to reduce the risk of commercial project landing.

Deployment Experience

Solution scenarios

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