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Network Convergence Management Introduction

With the continuous evolution and commercialization of 5G networks, the convergence of traditional networks and virtualized networks, and end-to-end management of network resources have become the urgent requirements of operators for network transformation. ZTE's network convergence management solution is a cross-network, cross-system, and cross-vendor converged network management solution for old and new networks. With a DC-centric virtualized network architecture, the O&M becomes more complicated, and there are more O&M layers and more service-layer indicators. In this case, the solution solves resource management and service assurance problems, meeting customers' requirements for centralized alarm management, centralized performance management, unified portal management, unified O&M process, and unified northbound integration. ZTE's network convergence management solution not only focuses on SDN/NFV network deployment and evolution, but also considers the existing network capabilities. It combines profound experience in automatic network O&M management and an open and standardized virtualized management platform to support customers in achieving fast, flexible, low-cost and efficient automatic O&M for converged network/virtualized network.

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