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Network Convergence Management

network convergence management solution
With the continuous evolution and commercial use of SDN/NFV networks, the convergence of traditional networks and virtualized networks and the end-to-end management of network resources have become an urgent demand for operators to transform their networks. ZTE’s network convergence management solution is a cross-network, cross-domain, and cross-vendor convergent management solution of virtual and physical networks. At the DC-centric virtual network architecture, there are more network layers and more service layer indices, which result in more complex O&M. ZTE network convergence management solution solves the problems of complex resource management and assurance at virtual and physical networks. It provides centralized alarm management, centralized performance management, unified portal management, and unified operation and maintenance processes management to meet the network management requirements of customers. ZTE network convergence management solution focuses on unified management capabilities of the physical network and the SDN/NFV virtual network. Combined with profound network operation and maintenance management experience, ZTE provides an open, standardized virtualization management platform helping customers to achieve rapid, flexible, low-cost, efficient and converged operation and maintenance for physical and virtual networks.

Customer Value
  • Strategy-based closed-loop automated O&M improves the level of all-round automated O&M.

    When an alarm is generated or performance KPI is abnormal, in policy center, the closed-loop policy control is triggered to drive the network self-healing automatically. When the failure cannot be recovered automatically, the work order is dispatched automatically to intelligently schedule related operation and maintenance resources. It realizes manual closed-loop management of network O&M.
  • Multi-dimensional correlation perspective analysis enables all-round end-to-end assurance to the cloud network

    The alarm correlation analysis provides vertical resource analysis of virtual networks, physical networks and services, and horizontal service analysis crossing wireless, transmission and core networks. With the help of multi-dimensional correlation analysis of resources / performance / alarm data, the root cause is located accurately and quickly.
  • Building an AI analysis platform to promote the evolution of network intelligence

    With the help of AI algorithm with RCA (Root Cause Analysis), the alarm history data is analyzed by intelligent machine learning. RCA rules are extracted automatically. AI algorithm helps O&M personnel to improve the efficiency of designing RCA rules. It changes the required RCA rule designer from end-to-end network service experts to general O&M personnel who do not need to know high-level skills. Thus, it gradually promotes the evolution of intelligent network O&M.

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