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With the advent of the cloud computing era, the performance and management of the storage system have presented new challenges. The ZTE distributed storage system (TECS CloveStorage) uses the high-performance, high-reliability, and high-scalability design concept. On the basis of previous-generation distributed storage products, the TECS CloveStorage extends functions, improves storage management functions, and optimizes performance for actual production environments, fully meeting future service requirements of enterprises and helping them transform their IT systems. The TECS CloveStorage is applicable to large storage resource pools, virtualized data centers, intelligent computing centers, multimedia video data storage, Internet applications, and backup and disaster recovery.

Products Advantages

Unified & Compatible
Supports the storage of blocks, files, and objects
Compatible with mainstream virtualization platforms

Convenient & Flexible

Distributed cluster architecture
PB~EB seamless expansion
Automated deployment, expansion, upgrade

Fast & Reliable

Dynamic load balancing
Pure distribution, no single point of failure
Multi-replica / erasure code mechanism

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Unified Storage

    Support block, file and object storage, compatible with OpenStack, VMware and other mainstream virtualization platform; Storage resources are managed uniformly and distributed on demand.

  • Distributed Architecture, Elastic Expansion

    Support for maximum 4096 server nodes, storage capacity TB~EB level, seamless extension; Support online upgrade, automatic load balancing for data expansion, smooth migration for business.

  • Intelligent Performance Scheduling

    Support QoS (Quality of Service) settings for storage volume, users can view the storage volume or VM IOPS set threshold, and respond to emergencies performance constraints, ensure that the stored client can get the expected performance experience. Support QoS control for data recover.

  • Easy and Efficient O&M

    Provide unified and visual resource management and security domain with easy operation; automated deployment, distributed storage cluster can be built within minutes, and customers can quickly deploy cloud services on demand.