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Distributed Storage Solution

As the business-supporting infrastructure, data centers need a more agile architecture to provide on-demand, real-time, flexible and automated delivery capabilities, so as to quickly respond to the new business requirements. Storage is the foundation of enterprise services, whether in virtual application or others. So the storage system needs to be more flexible, reliable and secure nowadays. ZTE provides a software-defined distributed storage solution, improving the utilization rate of resources, reducing the operating cost, achieving the automation of resource deployment and orchestration and ensuring business continuity, ZTE distributed storage solution can transform enterprise data centers of all sizes into more flexible and efficient business application platforms to meet more market challenge and create more value.

Solutions Advantages

High Performance
Supporting full SSD high-speed storage resource pool
High Reliability
Distributed architecture, cross-node multiple copies, security domain division
Easy To Expand
Elastic scalability of TB-EB level, linear performance increase

Customer Value