Cloud & Network Synergy

Accelerating ICT transformation and service innovation

Cloud Infrastructure Solution

To fulfil the requirements of the massive business scenarios of 5G and IoT, the network infrastructure needs to be flexible, elastic and efficient. In response, ZTE combines a variety of industry-leading technologies and has released a series of corresponding cloud infrastructure solutions: On the one hand, focus on the distributed structure of telecommunications network and provide appropriate IaaS resources services according to the business characteristics and environmental conditions of different locations of the network, to achieve the purpose of resources scheduling on-demand, efficient use and quality assurance by means of integrated supply of network-wide resources and unified O&M; On the other hand, focus on the key needs of the industry scenes and build a industry-wide, service-oriented PaaS technology stack with unified architecture,  to realize rapid provisioning by scenes and the most streamlined deployment, and build tailor-made independent service platform for industry users, so as to better match the transformation and innovation needs of different industries.


Solutions Advantages

Advanced Architecture
Dual-Core Driven: OpenStack+Kubernetes
Leading Ceph Distributed Storage System
Flexible Deployment
One-Stop Compliance for Full-Scene Hardware
One-Click Deploying and Upgrading
Efficient O&M
Zero-Touch O&M on Edge
AI-Driven O&M in Whole Network

Deployment Experience

Solution scenarios