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Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

To fulfil the requirements of the massive business scenarios of 5G and IoT, ZTE Cloud Infrastructure Solution offers operators with convenient deployment, flexible resource scheduling and efficient management when building telco networks with a simple platform upon various kinds of hardware.

To ensure Telco-grade quality of high performance and high availability, ZTE Cloud Infrastructure Solution integrated multiple industrial-leading technologies such as hardware acceleration, distributed storage and container, giving cloud networks capabilities of high-speed forwarding, high reliability and low power consumption.

To accelerate the commercial use of 5G and the NFV transformation of traditional network, ZTE Cloud Infrastructure Solution provides pre-integration of the whole NFVI system which includes installation, deployment and testing of both software and hardware, thus to achieve rapid delivery on site. 


5G-Ready Cloud Infrastructure Solution

Advanced Architecture

Dual-Core Driven: OpenStack+Kubernetes
Leading Ceph Distributed Storage System

Flexible Deployment

Lightweight Edge Cloud
One-Click Deploying and Upgrading

Efficient O&M

Zero-Touch O&M on Edge
AI-Driven O&M in Whole Network
Deployment Experience
  • 1.TECS's deployment efficiency has been greatly improved by automatic tool kit, Daisy; time of deploying hundreds of servers is reduced from one day to about half an hour, and the chance of making mistakes are reduced as well.

  • 2.By allowing coexistence of SR-IOV and DVS (Distributed Virtual Switch), the SR-IOV virtual NIC and DVS virtual NIC can share a same physical NIC, and can be deployed on hosts with less NICs, thus saving investment cost on the host NIC.

  • 3.The VLAN Trunk feature allows one single virtual NIC to process multiple VLAN messages, thus reducing the number of virtual NIC from dozens to couples as well as complexity of virtual NIC management, and providing more flexibility of service networking.


    VEON and ZTE Successfully Put the vEPC Into Commercial Use

  • Velcom NFVI Core

    Unitary Enterprise A1 - World’s First Complete Range of Virtualized Core Network

  • Digital Transformation

    ZTE and Banglalink successfully commercialize the world’s largest virtual SDN platform in Digital Transformation

  • ChinaMobile NFV vIMS

    World's Largest NFV Network Starts Commercialization Trial

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