Simplified Network

Building efficient, intelligent, and open 5G Cloud & Network

uSmartNet CNIA Introduction

Core network technologies have evolved rapidly and coexist in multiple systems. At the same time, cloudified transformation increases network complexity, making core network O&M much more complicated, cost-effective, and difficult. There is an increasingly urgent need for automation and intelligence of network O&M.

As a lightweight tool in the core network domain, uSmartNet CNIA includes three core capabilities: Intelligent monitoring, diagnostic analysis and intelligent decision-making. It cooperates with automatic execution to implement intelligent O&M. uSmartNet CNIA is committed to high intelligent functions such as digital twin network, federation learning, intelligent self-healing and intent-driven network.

Products Advantages

Light Weight
Easy integration, less resource requirements

Automation and Intelligence

Endogenous Intelligence, constructing Intelligent closed loop


One-click operation, simple and easy to use

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Intelligent Monitoring Center

    • Health status monitoring: Comprehensively evaluates the health of devices, and rapidly locks abnormal devices.
    • QoS monitoring: Monitors the global indicators of voice and data services.
    • Network efficiency monitoring: Monitors the efficiency of network resources to prevent resources waste.
    • Network security monitoring: Performs online physical examination on equipment security to discover potential security risks timely.
    • Major operation monitoring: Monitors the operation process and equipment status to reduce operation risks.
  • Diagnosis Analysis Center

    • Fault delimiting/locating: Provides equipment and service degradation and fault locating methods.
    • Service quality analysis: Provides indicator deterioration analysis and optimization suggestions.
    • Network efficiency analysis: Analyzes the use of NEs and NFVI resources, and provides optimization suggestions.
    • Network security analysis: Security examination is used to find security vulnerabilities.
  • Intelligent Decision-Making Center

    • Suggestions and decisions on escape, network optimization suggestions and decisions.
  • Automatic execution

    • Routine operation automation, one-click escape, one-click optimization, and engineering transformation