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ZTE 5G Messaging - Leading Messaging Transformation

ZTE 5G Messaging solution, which fully complies to 3GPP & GSMA specification, provides a whole set of messaging services oriented to 5G network and terminals:

5G SMS: Comply to 3GPP R15 and the following standard, support of  SMS over NAS solution under 5G NR network

5G Rich Communication Service: Comply to GSMA UP2.4 and the following standard, support RCS-based rich media message and business messaging to meet the demand of multimedia and interactive communication in 5G era.

5G M-IoT Message: Comply to 3GPP R16 and the following standard, provide more lightweight and efficient IoT messaging services for massive IoT terminals.

ZTE firstly proposed 5G messaging solution in the industry and led the establishment of 5G messaging standard. 5G messaging has been a mandatory service for 5G terminals. It realizes the upgrading of traditional messaging service, and rebuilds upstream and downstream cooperation ecology through RCS business messaging, which can comprehensively improve end users and business users experience. It helps operators enable 5G service innovation and provide full range of 2C (Consumer), 2B (Business), 2T (Thing) connectivity and communication in the 5G era.

ZTE firstly proposed 5G Messaging solution in the industry and led the establishment of 5G Messaging standard. 5G Messaging has been a mandatory service for 5G terminals. ZTE helped China Mobile finish 5G Messaging (UP2.4 based) first call and release 13 industry applications in 6 major industries, covering public service, banking, electrical power, personal entertaiment, 5G converged media, and education.

Solutions Advantages

Upgrade of 5G basic communcation services to enhance user experience
5G messaging realizes the large connection between "people", "things" and enterprises and industries under the 5G network, provides seamless rich media communication and message services, and comprehensively improves the communication experience of 5G terminals.
Create an operator-centric ecological value chain
5G messaging, through commercial messaging services, realizes messaging as a service and the upstream and downstream ecological connection of networks, terminals, platforms, partners, content, applications, etc., and creates an operator-centric ecological value chain.
Achieve smooth network evolution
The 5G messaging solution is based on ZTE’s converged messaging architecture and can provide operators with a seamless upgrade and smooth evolution of messaging services from 2G/3G/4G network to 5G network.

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