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NFV is a subversive technical change. With decoupling of software & hardware and generalization of hardware, the network architecture of a telecom operator can be more open, the service deployment can be easier, and the innovation cycle can be shorter. Meanwhile, NFV can decrease operation cost and promote maintenance efficiency. As for architecture, NFV involves many vendors and interfaces, and thus the deployment of NFV network is very complex, and integration of the NFV system faces so many challenges, such as immature standard, incomplete ecosystem, difficult fault analysis, fuzzy location boundary, frequent service update, and difficulty in guaranteeing reliability. However, ZTE is devoted to being one of the best partners of operators' ICT transformation, based on the profound knowledge of telecom and IT services, ZTE helps operators complete design, deployment, verification and maintenance, providing a complete E2E integration solution and system integration services.

↓ White Paper: NFV System Integration White Paper

Products Advantages

Abundant integration experience
30+ years of experience on communication industry;
Lots of integration delivery projects at home and abroad;
Integration experience of 6+ mainstream cloud platforms.

Professional integration team

Integration delivery resources all over the world;
100+ management certificate and experienced project management experts;
200+ professional integration technology experts.

One-stop E2E auto integration tool

Realize network planning & design, installation deployment and integration test quickly;
Support large-scale resource pools;
Support multiple vendors and multiple products;
Customizable and easy to expand.

Integration Product Category

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