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Hyper-convergence Management

In the era of cloud computing, telecom management systems need to have management capabilities of VNFs, support the design, orchestration, provisioning and O&M of 5G network slicing, and manage multi-access edge computing network (MEC). The integration of multiple management system leads to a longer time for commissioning and onboarding. Frequent switchover between different systems during O&M results in low efficiency. The views of resource management and application management are separated, affecting monitoring and troubleshooting. 

ZTE’s ElasticNet UME converged management solution provides all-round O&M, and unifies the integration of multiple management system interfaces. It improves the O&M efficiency, and avoids O&M switching among different management systems. Resources and applications management are unified, thus facilitating troubleshooting and analysis. All components of the system are microservice-based and support cloudified deployment, meeting the requirements for agile onboarding. 

Products Advantages

6-in-1 management functions


On-demand deployment and flexible expansion


Unified view and cross-layer association

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Full-convergence orchestration and management

    One management system covering the management of 2/3/4/5G core network elements, provides such functions as core network sub-slice management, enhanced O&M and orchestration, VNF FCAPS management and edge computing orchestration.

  • Scenario navigation design

    Based on the model-driven design concept, the system is embedded with a rich template library. The wizard graphic design enables all-round slicing/NS/VNF design, workflow design, policy design and model verification functions, achieving on-demand design and agile innovation of services. 

  • Full lifecycle management

    Supports the orchestration management of core network sub-slices, network services, and VNFs, and provides complete lifecycle management, including instantiation, monitoring, capacity scale-in/out, elasticity, termination, self-healing, slice and sub-slice activation, etc.

  • Intelligent simplified O&M

    Provides alarm association and RCA root cause analysis; provides hierarchical and grouped on-demand scale-in/out and self-healing triggering policy for NS, VNF, and VM, performing active scale-in/out and fault recovery; provides  centralized association and analysis of global resources and services of NFV and physical networks. 

  • Capability exposure

    The system can integrate with and manage third-party VNFs and flexibly. In compliance with the ETSI/3GPP/CCSA specifications, it provides standard interfaces such as Os-Ma-nfvo, Or-Vnfm and Or-Vi, to integrate with third-party VIM and OSS. 

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