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Hardware Integration Service Introduction

The operators introduce independent hardware integrators, mainly overcoming the difficulty of integrating multi-vendor hardware devices, providing qualified telecom resource pools & hardware environments for the operators.

Hardware integrator is mainly for various hardware devices of multiple hardware vendors to establish a virtual network resource pool, helping the customerscomplete design, deployment, test and verification of the system hardware resource pool quickly. The integration objects include compute server, storage server, TOR/EOR switch, router, firewall, and security device.

[Product Highlights]

  • Forge a model spot, improve delivery quality.

Train all the construction staff members by forging a model spot, and then implement device racking, cabling, sticking labels, and basic configuration for a large-scale resource pool, promoting the hardware integration delivery quality effectively.

  • High efficient auto hardware integration tool

The auto tool of hardware integration can perform E2E planning, configuration and checking for multi-vendor servers and switches, and the operators can also use it as an acceptance tool.

The auto measurement tool of fiber cable, accessories and consumables generates the fiber cable accessory configuration list automatically based on the engineering exploration data, reducing the engineering waste.

  • Abundant hardware integration delivery experience.

Provide hardware integration services for multiple NFV projects at home and abroad, accumulating abundant hardware integration experience, which can satisfy hardware integration requirements of large-scale & multi-vendor hardware devices.

Major Function

  • Planning & Design

    Output the HLD/LLD plan for hardware integration based on the operator's engineering design specification, including hardware networking, cabinet layout, power distribution usage, device installation in racks, port allocation, physical device connection plan, hardware resource plan, device name plan, hardware management VLAN/IP address allocation plan, security domain division, network debugging test plan, and physical network cutover online plan, and then output the project implementation plan.

  • Installation implementation

    Raise device initialization configuration requirements for device suppliers based on the planning & design, and check and verify the factory settings of the arrival devices.

    Supervise installation, racking and power-on of all the hardware devices, layout of all the cables, as well as installation, rack transformation, labels sticking of all the supporting materials, which shall be in accordance with specifications.

  • Debugging acceptance

    It is about writing the hardware resource pool network debugging test plan. With the cooperation of each device supplier, it can complete connectivity, stability and security test as well as network performance test and engineering acceptance test of global network device, link and protocol function, so as to make sure the hardware resource pool device configuration and connectivity is in accordance with software integration admission requirement.