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VMware Integration Solution Introduction

The ZTE VMware NFV integration solution, for various scenarios such as single data center single site, single data center multiple sites and multiple data centers multiple sites, guarantees that CloudStudio (NFVO/VNFM) interconnects with the VMware cloud platform seamlessly, and realizes auto deployment of service NEs (i.e. 5GC NEs). CloudStudio can monitor the information such as performance and alarm of virtual resources intensively, and then the performance, reliability and stability of service NEs on the VMware platform can satisfy the commercialization requirement.

Highlights of plan:

  • Verification with VMware

All the service NEs passes verification of VMware Ready for NFV.

  • E2E solution

Provide the solution of the series of products of hardware, VMware cloud platform, NFVO/VNFM and VNF.

  • Three-layer decoupling

Realize three-layer decoupling of hardware layer, VMware cloud platform and VNF+NFVO/VNFM.

  • Pre-integration verification

Perform pre-integration verification in Openlab, and output the commissioning guide, which can support fast deployment and online launch of service NEs in a commercial environment effectively.

  • Open solution

Introduce third-party hardware or APPs based on the customer's actual requirements;

Perform iteration based on the solution to expand the supported device list.

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