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MEC Offloading Solution Introduction

For a closed park or enterprise network, the MEC(Multi-Access Edge Computing) solution locally offloads network traffic within the park or enterprise to achieve local management and local operations of the enterprise network, and meet the real-time, high-bandwidth and high-security demands of services such as internal mobile office, video surveillance, and field data collection. How to deploy MEC(Multi-Access Edge Computing) network elements conveniently and quickly, and achieve flexible and efficient traffic offloading on the basis of the least impact on the existing network is a key issue for operators to consider MEC(Multi-Access Edge Computing) deployment.

ZTE's Common Edge traffic offloading solution includes:

  •  4G offloading technologies: TOF+ and CUPS.
  • 5G offloading technologies: LADN, UL-CL and Multi-homing.

ZTE's flexible and efficient traffic offloading solution can provide virtual private network services of “high performance, high confidentiality, low latency, low cost, free construction, and free maintenance” to meet the demands of closed parks or enterprise parks on “asset-light”.

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