Simplified Network

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ZXUN xGW provides powerful session management & data forwarding for mobile broadband networks

ZXUN xGW is a ZTE self-developed unified packet core product. It supports 2/3/4G/WiFi access. ZXUN xGW integrates GGSN, SGW, PGW and ePDG network elements defined by 3GPP. It supports the combine deployment of the network elements listed above, and supports the unified operating and maintenance portal. GGSN network element provides the network gateway function for MS to access the network. It is responsible for packets encapsulation/de-encapsulation, forwarding between 2/3G network and PDN network. SGW network elements is network serving gateway, and responsible for user plane packets forwarding. It is also responsible for SAE session and bearer context management and store, terminating the downlink packets for the UE in idle status. In addition, it is the mobile access anchor of 3GPP access. PGW is packets data gateway, it is responsible for UE IP address management, and it is a mobile anchor between 3GPP access and non-3GPP access. The ePDG is responsible for setting up connection between WLAN network and EPC network. It makes the UE can enjoy the service provided by EPC network by WLAN. The ePDG is one of key network elements of VoWiFi solution.

Products Advantages

High Integration
Large user capacity
High data throughput
Small footprint


Support 2/3/4G simultaneously
Convergent and shared resource
Simplified network interworking

Easy O&M

One-click deployment
Automatic O&M
Elastic scaling

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Visualization Features

    Automatic Deployment, Simple Capacity Expansion, Elastic Stretch, Self-Healing.
  • SAE-GW/GGSN Function

    Supports routing and forwarding, built-in GGSN, tunnel management, Path management, IP Address management , user plane function, charging function, RADIU function, DHCP function, IP over L2TP function, VPN access function, PCC function, DPI function, QoS function, Security function, OCS load balance function, redirection function, user data management function, message shield function, NTP function, daylight saving time function, APN function, multi-PLMN function, Bearer control as per APN function.
  • ePDG Function

    Supports security channel function,authorization function,session management function, user plane function, PGW selection function, QoS function,Anti-DoS function.