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5GC Automatic Integration Solution Introduction

With the arrival of 5G era, the telecom network gradually evolves from classical network to virtualization, the operator's network architecture is more open, the resource sharing is more flexible, and service innovation is more fast and agile. Meanwhile, the standard architecture of 5G CN includes multiple NEs, the networking is complex, and the hardware & software decoupling degree is greater during virtualization evolution, and then the operator faces huge challenges from multiple vendors and inter-region in a series of stages such as network planning & design, verification, deployment and test.

The ZTE 5GC automatic integration solution solidifies and integrates the procedure through AIC (Auto Integration Center), customizes an integration design in real time based on the customer's requirement and verifies the feasibility, generates detailed design documentation required by 5GC network integration automatically after design verification, imports integration deployment tools on site for E2E silent integration deployment and performs automatic verification in the entire procedure. It realizes 'zero intervention' of the user's 5GC on-site integration deployment test and shortens 5GC CN deployment/verification time greatly. In the entire integration life-cycle, from integration planning & design and network deployment to integration test E2E, it also realizes 'zero distance' between integration design and the customer's requirement, which gets rid of the operator's pain point of network integration in 5G establishment efficiently. Meanwhile, The ZTE 5GC automatic integration solution considers the support of offline design and remote deployment and introduces a cloud experience model, and then the user can directly perform 5GC network integration planning and pre-integration verification on demand in real time on the cloud. In addition, the process from an application scenario to selection and deployment of NEs is more convenient and flexible.

Highlights of plan:

The ZTE 5GC automatic integration solution provides a series of E2E and one-stop services such as 5GC network integration planning & design, plan verification, test design, integration deployment and integration test for the operator through AIC, the Openlab and pre-integration work flow cover various 5GC NFV integration full-service scenarios such as NFVI integration, MANO integration and VNF integration, which reduces 5GC scenario integration difficulty greatly, accelerates the operator's 5G network establishment and promotes network transformation.

As being verified by multiple ZTE projects, the 5GC automatic integration solution can promote the entire integration deployment efficiency by over 65%:

  • Automatic output of the 5GC network integration design improves integration design efficiency, and the automatic generation of integration LLD shortens the integration design time, which reduces the time of workload of traditional commissioning from weeks to days;
  • One-key deployment of 5GC network integration reduces on-site deployment difficulty and improves the deployment efficiency by tens of times;
  • The 5GC network integration test matches the customer's requirement accurately, generates a test plan automatically, executes the test automatically and outputs the test result automatically.

Up to now, the ZTE 5G CN solution is applied in 5G experiment projects and commercial networks of 3 domestic operators as well as in operators of many other countries such as India, Japan and Austria. Meanwhile, the solution was exhibited in European 5G forum and global user conference held in November 2018 as well as in China Mobile Global Partner Conference held in December. It is recognized by many operators at home and abroad. In the annual ICT champion list selection introduced by telecom omni-media, the solution won 2018 SDN/NFV Best Practice Award.

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