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5G Core Network Introduction

5g core network
To cope with explosive data traffic growth, massive equipment connectivity and emerging new services in the future, 5G will transform from “regarding technology as the center” to “regarding user experience as the center”, and application scenarios will span the mobile Internet and IoT to achieve the goal of intelligent interconnection of people and everything and achieve the vision of "information is accessible at will, and everything is touchable".

Development Goal of 5G Core


The development goal of 5G is to achieve continuous wide-area network coverage, hot-spot high-capacity, low-power, large-connection, low-latency, and high-reliability, and meet the diverse business needs of eMBB, mMTC, and uRLLC.

5G Core Network Features


The ZTE 5G Common Core product has the following characteristics:

● Network cloudification is achieved on a unified physical infrastructure through NFV/SDN technology.

● The product adopts the Cloud Native architecture to subdivide the network functions into atomized stateless micro-service components and realize network function refactoring from the “network stovepipe” architecture to the “business stovepipe” architecture through flexible invocation and combination of components. 

● The product provides services in the form of network slicing to achieve on-demand customization of services and networks to meet the diverse vertical industry needs in the 5G era: VR/AR, Internet of Vehicles, factory automation, smart city, smart grid.

● The carrier-grade DevOps platform is introduced to provide network slicing with “closed-loop” “zero-touch” intelligent operation and maintenance for automatic design, automatic development, automatic deployment and automatic operation and maintenance of slices. 

●  The MEC (Multi-Access Edge Computing) is introduced to deploy service anchors and computing capabilities to mobile edge nodes for ultra-low latency, high bandwidth, and real-time access of network information.

5G Core Network Products Supplier

Based on the 3GPP R15 standard protocol, ZTE is the first in the world to launch a 2G/3G/4G/5G/Fixed full access-based Common Core solution based on the 3GPP R15 service architecture to achieve the deep integration of multiple access and help the carrier smoothly evolve to 5G and deeply integrate the vertical industry to meet the one-stop network construction requirements in various access scenarios.

The ZTE 5G Common Core Solution can, by simplifying network management, support 4G/5G smooth evolution to reduce operating costs and interoperability latency to improve user experience, share resources to improve resource utilization and reduce overall CAPEX, introduce advanced 5G features for 2G/3G/4G networks, and help to achieve compact application scenarios such as MEC.


5G Common Core Helps to Commercialize 5G Rapidly

More flexible innovation

E2E slicing
Network capability exposing

Fast deployment

Deployment in minutes
Second-level scaling

More optimized experience

Stateless design
Never disconnection of services
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