Cloud native 5G core network architecture

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Cloud native 5G core network architecture

Cloud Native Architecture
In the design of the system architecture, 5G core network should consider both the stability of the telecommunications application needs, but also the introduction of a large number of applications in the field of IT to achieve their own ideas to optimize the transformation.
ZTE NFV solution is Cloud Native. It can help operator to build an innovative cloud network based on the micro-service framework and provide open APIs to integrate with the 3rd party to develop new services.
Customer Value
  • Through functional decoupling, continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery/Continuous Deployment to faster response to market demand.

  • Through the gray release, reduce the risk of upgrading, enhance the user business experience.

  • Through the service instance sharing, the resources can be more effective use.

  • Distributed through the micro-service, to achieve flexible deployment and reliability across the DC.

  • Enable fast innovation by reusing open micro services.

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