Cloud Unified Data Repository Solution

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Cloud Unified Data Repository Solution

ZTE CUDR(Cloud Unified Data Repository) solution realizes the unified storage and management of 2/3/4/5G/IMS network subscriber data.

It supports two types of data:

1. Structured data, including 2/3/4/5G and IMS subscriber subscription data, network exposure data, application data and policy data, etc.

2. Unstructured data, including service session data and subscriber state information, etc.

ZTE CUDR solution adopts cloud native and micro-service architecture, and supports the unified management and maintenance of structured and unstructured data. It realizes unified access control, unified distributed management and control, and unified data consistency maintenance functions.

It has the following advantages:

1. Highly reliable and secure, build a careless network.

2. Huge capacity, high performance, decrease CAPEX.

3. Uniformed management and maintenance, decrease OPEX.

4. Flexibility and Openness, increase data value.

Large Capacity and High Performance

Distributed massive storage
Core engine CACHE
High concurrent access

Automatic Operation and Maintenance

Data self-organization, self-planning
Automatic scalability and load balancing
Fault auto-detection and self-healing

Multidimensional Reliability Mechanism

Equipment/region level disaster recovery
N+K load sharing, geographic disaster recovery
Multi-copy backup of data, automatic online recovery
Customer Value
  • Velcom NFVI Core

    Unitary Enterprise A1 - World’s First Complete Range of Virtualized Core Network

  • Digital Transformation

    ZTE and Banglalink successfully commercialize the world’s largest virtual SDN platform in Digital Transformation