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At the beginning of designing 3GPP standard, 5G core network adopts the inborn control and user plane separation (CUPS) architecture. Combined with the SBA concept, user plane is designed as an independent UPF, while control plane is further divided into SMF and AMF. One or more UPFs are deployed according to the actual needs. The UPFs are deployed based on the service traffic, in a centralized manner or at the edge in a distributed manner, thus meeting the requirements of 5G for big bandwidth, low latency and high reliability. The CUPS has two architectures: Non-Full Mesh Networking and Full Mesh Networking.

Non-Full Mesh Networking Solution: One SMF can be interconnected with multiple UPFs, and one UPF belongs to only one SMF. When the SMF fails, all UPFs under this SMF cannot provide services, resulting in resource waste.

Therefore, ZTE introduces the Full Mesh Highly Reliable Networking Solution . SMFs are uniformly deployed on the control plane, and full interconnection is made between SMF and UPF. Any SMF covers the entire Full Mesh networking range. UPF is deployed according to the service and user scale in the coverage area.

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