C/U Separation Solution

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C/U Separation Solution

CUPS Solution
In the existing operators’ network, the Gateway is deployed as centralized network elements. The path of user plane is long, and the packet latency is high. It makes the user experience not so good. For solving this problem, C/U separation solution has been proposed by 3GPP. ZTE has proposed its own commercial solution based on 3GPP.

ZTE C/U separation solution separates GW-C and GW-U plane. Both are deployed independently. GW-C can be deployed in central sites. GW-U can be deployed as demand in several distributed sites. GW-U is a light weight deployment network element and it’s easy to extend it to distributed sites. Generally, the GW-U deploys in the data center near the end users.

Customer Value
  • Optimize the network structure to reduce OPEX and enhance user experience

    ZTE C/U separation solution provides totally optimized network structure. It improves the forwarding capability. The network structure optimization makes it possible that can manage the control plane in central sites. Thus it can decrease the cost of operating and maintenance. By distributing the user plane, it can lower the forwarding latency and improve the user experience.

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