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Value-Added Data Service in Mobile Network

Service Chain Helps Operators Increase the Value of Data Services

With the rapid development of mobile Internet and the increasing proportion of revenue of data services, the focus of operators' has begun to shift from voice value-added services to data network value-added services, to meet the urgent needs of mobile data users for intelligent, personalized and differentiated services in data networks. The service chain is deployed between mobile network and public network to provide end users with network data value-added services.

ZTE SSC Solution Overview

In general, ZTE SSC includes three parts: Direct Routing Load Balance, Convergent SF and 3rd Party SF.

1. Direct routing load balance provides front-end load balancing for SFs.

2. Convergent SF provides functions such as traffic classifier, TCP optimization, URL filtering and virtual firewall.

  • Traffic classifier matches the traffic with the service chain through traffic identification;
  • TCP optimization accelerates downlink TCP packets by maximizing the efficiency of the transport layer in the mobile data network, to help operators enhance users’ online experiences;
  • URL filtering filters out specified data such as vulgar information and malicious websites based on the URL of the user's Internet browsing, to help operators improve users’ Web browsing experiences;
  • Virtual firewall realizes abstraction and virtualization of firewall resources, and provides network security for core networks, to help operators improve network security.

3. 3rd party SF provides functions such as video optimization (VO) and cache.

  • Video optimization accelerates video streaming through transcoding, caching, and other media-related TCP/HTTP optimization technologies, to enhance users’ video viewing experiences;
  • Cache provides Web browsing acceleration which users and sources are unaware of, to help operators reduce inter-network settlement and improve users’ network access experiences.

ZTE SSC solution helps operators enhance user data service experiences and increase ARPU.

Solutions Advantages

Advanced Architecture
Lightweight policy routing deployment mode
High-performance convergent SF
Rich Service Functions
Rich self-development service functions
Easy access of 3rd party SF
Simple O&M
Elastic scaling
SF orchestration

Customer Value


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