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NB-IoT Solution Introduction

NB-IoT, Narrowband Internet of Things, is a cellular network-based narrowband Internet of Things technology standard defined by 3GPP. It is a narrowband radio frequency technology designed specifically for the Internet of Things. It has wide connectivity, low power consumption, low cost, low mobility and The feature of deep coverage is suitable for IoT applications such as sensing, metering, and monitoring, as well as smart meter reading, smart parking, smart agriculture,   smart home, smart community and other fields. At present, the income of the human network lacks new growth points, and the application of the Internet of Things in various industries is booming. The development of the Internet of Things will open up a new blue ocean for operators.

ZTE's NB-IoT solution conforms to the development of the Internet of Things, and is based on NFV/SDN technology to build a carrier-grade, elastically scalable, and easy-to-deploy cloud NB-IoT core network. The cloud NB-IoT core network solution supports multiple vertical industry applications and meets the needs of operators, enterprises and industry users to build end-to-end IoT. ZTE's NB-IoT solution helps operators, enterprises and industry customers to quickly integrate multi-industry applications and expand new business models.

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