Hebei Mobile and ZTE Successfully Complete the Verification Test of Cloudified Core Network Disaster Recovery


With the coming of the commercial age of the core network in China Mobile for the first time, the NFV-lization, centralization, and large-scale network has been fully used. To explore potential risks and accumulate disaster recovery and backup mechanism experience in advance, Hebei Mobile together with ZTE, organized by the Network Dept. of China Mobile Group Corporation, completed tests and verification of cloud core network to mounted users, disaster recovery handover verification, signaling storm analysis, and protection mechanism establishment based on a distance of more than 3,000 km, which obtained a series of high-value experience. 

In this disaster tolerance verification environment, two sets of geographic resource pools are deployed with cloud core network. The transmission distance between the base station and the standby resource pool is up to 3100 km. The remote resource pool group POOL is used to simulate the cross-regional scenario. 

This disaster recovery verification is carried out in a large-traffic environment in the real existing network, and is divided into three phases: 4G user-on-cloud: Cutover from the existing network to the cloudified core network, small-scale disaster recovery handover verification, and large-scale disaster recovery handover verification. The two parties focus on verifying the following scenarios: Rapid service recovery during regional disaster recovery handover, impact on indices and awareness, impact of signaling storms caused by regional handover in end-to-end networks, such as bearers and adjacent NEs, and control protection and automatic scale-in/out of cloudified equipment under high traffic. 

The verification result shows that the services recover quickly after the handover, and there is no significant change in voice, data, video, game etc service awareness. This reflects the high reliability of ZTE's cloudified core network under extreme abnormalities. The success of this disaster recovery verification has accumulated relevant experience on the feasibility, reliability, security, and maintainability of the centralized and regional deployment solution for China Mobile's cloudified core network, and has provided good guarantee and guidance for the construction and O&M of future network cloud areas.