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MANO Solutions
As the world's leading communications solution provider, ZTE is highly concerned with the ICT integration and operation transformation at the operators' digital transformation era, and accordingly provides the CloudStudio network service orchestration and management solution for operators. The CloudStudio solution is customer-centric, aims to build an "agile, automatic, intelligent, open" operation and maintenance platform, and helps operators to achieve a comprehensive transformation from service design, fulfillment and assurance. It achieves zero distance from service requirement to achievement, zero waiting from service order to fulfillment and zero touch of full service process assurance. ZTE CloudStudio solution provides ultimate experience of digital services for customers.

ZTE is devoted to help operators to improve operation efficiency and reduce operating costs, shorten time to market, and accelerate service innovation. With years of  global telecom operation experience and intelligent expert teams, ZTE provides operators with comprehensive operation and maintenance transformation solutions, technical supports, consulting, integration and intelligent O&M management services. ZTE is willing to embrace the challenges and conduct win-win cooperation with operators to achieve a better future.

Deployment Experience
  • Visualization Orchestrator

    Simple Drag And Drop Mode: For IT and other simple network service scenarios, through the "set components - set the network - connection" three steps to complete the design.
    Automatically Generate Mode: For telecom CT and other complex network service scenarios, users only need to fill in business planning parameters, such as network capacity, the orchestrator can be automatically completed by the system
    Resource Pre-Assessment: Provide a pre-assessment of the required resources, assisting the designer to achieve a balance between resources and business
    SanBox Test: Provides grammar, semantic check on the file. In an isolated test environment, automatically deploy the network and verify the basic functions of the business.

  • End-to-end Service Orchestrator

    The unified entrance: The unified modeling, unified UI and layout, deployment integration
    More efficient: One orchestration, one package, One registration for deployment, One key deployment.
    Rich content: Rich business, to achieve self-help purchase. Cloud network collaboration, enhance user stickiness.

  • Rich Templates Library

    Rich Templates: Supports typical scene NF/NS templates: vIMS, vEPC, VoLTE, NB-IoT, eMBB, uRLLC, mMTC etc. Supports templates release with NF version release, easy to use.
    Quick Orchestration: Supports intelligent orchestration, sets service plan parameters based on templates, and automatically generates blueprints. Supports fine tune orchestration, simply adjusts design based on template, and directly deploy blueprints.
    Efficient and Reuse: Supports importing and exporting templates , easy to use. Supports NF/NS blueprints to be exported as templates, and reuse easily for the same scene. Supports multiple NF/NS templates to be combined as blueprints, and meets complex NS scene.
    Accurate and Flexible : Improves deployment success rate, using template shielding components and service function, and reduces the error rate of orchestration. Supports NF/NS templates rearrangement as new templates, and adjusts flexibility.

  • MANO Simulation IOT

    Quick Completion: Get precise test report with less people and fully automatically.
    Precision For All Interface: Full coverage for all interface and maximum simulation for actual system.
    Economic Saving: Most of the test can be done and actual system is not necessary.

  • In Service Software Upgrade

    Batching parallel upgrade:Batch upgrade VNF distributed around by region, DC and VNF category.
    In Service Software Upgrade: With domain control mechanism, realize in service software upgrade.
    Remote upgrade: support remote upgrade and remote rollback, solve the inconvenience of some remote sites.

  • Centralized Monitor Business And Resources

    End-to-End Monitoring: Multi-vendor hardware resources, virtual resources, APP unified resource modeling, unified resource collection, unified resource monitoring
    Centralized Display Information: Centralized display key information such as resources, alarms, performance indicators on a map, and provides links to view details
    Real-time control: Real-time manual adjustment of key business parameters, such as real-time adjustment eMBB network bandwidth, real-time effective.


    VEON and ZTE Successfully Put the vEPC Into Commercial Use

  • Velcom NFVI Core

    Unitary Enterprise A1 - World’s First Complete Range of Virtualized Core Network

Solution scenarios
  • network convergence management solution

    Network Convergence Management

  • 5G slicing management solution

    5G Network Slicing Management

  • General VNFM solution

    General VNFM