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Network Slicing Enable 5G Commercialization

Network slicing, which is a logical network that provides specific network capabilities and network features, can meet differentiated requirements of different vertical industries. It is an indispensable key technology for operators to achieve new profit models in the 5G era. E2E network slicing includes wireless, transmission and core network slicing. The slicing solution of ZTE Core Network, which is based on cloud native and Microservice architecture, supports fast construction of various slicing types such as eMBB, URLLC and mMTC.

The solution supports URSP-based APP-level slicing, multi-dimensional SLA accurate measurement based on users, DNN and slicing, and NWDAF-based closed-loop guarantee to help the operators make streamline operation of slicing. It also supports multi-layer security isolation such as NFVI layer, slice layer, and management layer. Based on DevOps, ZTE 5GC supports visual design, automatic deployment and intelligent O&M, thus achieving fast design, deployment and guarantee of slices.  

ZTE is actively engaged in the slicing cooperation with vertical industries and operators, including smart grid, industrial manufacturing, port, iron and steel, health care, and education, to promote the commercial deployment of slicing. In addition to supporting the slicing service of B2C, the ZTE E2E slicing solution also supports the Network Slice as a Service (NSaaS), providing wholesale and online sales of slices in slicing stores and slicing markets, and providing operators with new business models of B2B, B2B2C and B2B2X. Operators can directly sell slices to enterprises, or sell slices to powerful partners in batches. Partners can then retail slices to industry users to build a new 5G business ecosystem.


Solutions Advantages

Most Flexible Architecture
Cloudnative, Micro Service for E2E slice
Multi-level isolation
Distributed deployment
Simplest Management
0-Distance: Agile Design
0-Waiting: Automatic Deployment
0-Touch: Smart Assurance
Enabling business ecosystem
New business model
Slice capability Exposure
Slice mall for NaaS

Customer Value

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