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Network Slicing

network slicing
Network slicing creates specialized, dedicated logical networks as a service (NaaS) in support of network service differentiation and meeting the diversified requirements from vertical industries. Through flexible and customized design of functions, isolation mechanisms, and O&M tools, network slicing is capable to provide logical dedicated networks upon a common infrastructure.
The 5G core network provides customized network slicing services for specific business and network scenarios.

Network Slicing Solution Provider

In order to achieve this "network slicing as a service", according to different business needs,ZTE has Based on unified physical facilities, generate the appropriate network topology and network functions based on virtualization. for each specific business type generated a series of network functions construct a network slicing.
Physically, each network slice runs on a unified network infrastructure that can greatly reduce the cost of network construction for multiple different business types;
Logically, each network slicing is separated to meet every type of business function Custom, independent operation and maintenance needs.

5G E2E network slicing solution

ZTE has released the world's first 5G E2E network slicing solution.The release will push forward the technical maturity of the 5G commercial system to a new level, lay a solid foundation for the new mode of 5G slice-based network operation, build up the capability of NSaaS (Network Slice as a Service), and continuously lead the 5G application innovation for the vertical industry.

The Key of Network Slicing Solution

The 5G E2E network slicing solution is the key to the 5G network supporting industry digital transformation. It allows the resource of a physical network to be flexibly allocated into multiple virtualized network slices in order to adapt to the needs of different industrial services, such as industrial control, automatic driving, intelligent power grid and remote medical treatment.
Customer Value
  • Accelerate the pace towards 5G

    Through the Cloud ServCore network slicing solution, operators can make users to experience the 5G era of services in advance, for operators to achieve "digital" transformation made an important contribution.
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