Convergent Policy Function

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Convergent Policy Function

ZXUN RCP (Resource Control Platform) provides the convergent policy control. It realizes the function of the PCRF (Policy and Charging Rules Function) and the PCF (Policy Control Function) in the 3GPP architecture. It can provide the unified policy and charging control for 2G/3G/4G/5G/WiFi/IMS and other network access to simplify the network and save investment.

The operator can define the policy rules on the ZXUN RCP. The ZXUN RCP implements admission control, QoS authorization, service gating, billing control, UE route policy selection, IP address allocation scheme selection, radio frequency policy selection, usage presenting, SMS/Email notification and other functions according to the operator-defined policy rules in combination with user subscription, current access information, slice, current time period, cumulative usage, and user credit gating.

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  • Microserivce Architecture

    Applications are designed based on the concept of high cohesion and low coupling, and they are divided into a series of small services. Each service focuses on one service function, running in an independent process. The border between services is clear, and lightweight communication mechanism (such as HTTP/REST) is used for mutual communications and collaboration to perform complete functions of the complete application, to meet the demands of industries and users.

  • Visualization Features

    Automatic deployment, simple capacity expansion, elastic scaling, self-healing

  • Data Service Scenario Features

    Unified policy control, admission control, FUP, busy/idle time control, service-based control, VIP user control, BOD, anti-bill shock, roaming control, charging control, flexible redirection, access and mobility policy control, user policy

  • VoLTE/VoNR Scenario Features

    VoLTE/VoNR QoS guarantee, VoLTE/VoNR resource reservation, IMS emergency call, location query, charging correlation, P-CSCF disaster recovery enhancement, PCRF/PCF hot standby redundancy