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5G Convergent Positioning Boost Location-based Applicaiton

ZTE 5G iLBS convergent positioning function includes the GMLC and LMF functions defined by 5GC. It adopts the SBA architecture and supports cloud native.

The product has the following features:

  • The convergent positioning platform helps operators save investment and simplify operation and maintenance. It also supports all positioning methods of all 2G, 3G, 4G, NB-IoT, LTE-M and 5G network systems, and provides a unified architecture and a unified underlying platform for all access forms in the whole network.
  • Positioning capability openness helps operators build an industrial ecosystem. iLBS supports opening the positioning capability to the outside through the standard API. It supports exposing the NE-level capability through the Le interface and interconnecting with the NEF through the NLe interface.
  • The SBA architecture is designed to create flexible, agile, and open new services. The SBA-based architecture completely exposes and decouples services. Designed with the idea of "high cohesion and low coupling," the positioning NE is divided into a series of small services, each of which focuses on a single service function and operates in an independent process. The boundaries between services are clear. The lightweight communication mechanism is used to achieve complete applications, dynamic registration, dynamic discovery, dynamic capacity expansion and reduction.
  • ISSU & grayscale deployment, realizing smooth service upgrade. Services can be upgraded step by step or smoothly migrated in proportion. During the upgrade process, services are not affected, and rollback can be triggered during and after the upgrade process. Grayscale deployment is allowed, and new and old versions can provide external services in accordance with the configured proportion. A one-click navigation tool is provided to guide the upgrade and rollback process and automatically generate upgrade reports.
  • Complies with 3GPP standards, and meets the positioning requirements in multiple scenarios. The positioning NEs GMLC and LMF meet the 3GPP standard. They support the positioning methods of the control plane (CellId, UL-TDOA and AGNSS), and meet the requirements of different application scenarios for the positioning precision and delay.

Products Advantages

Reducing TCO
Simplify O&M, reducing OPEX
Simplify the network, reducing CAPEX

Flexible deployment

On demand distributed deployment
Hybrid orchestration of VM & container

Intelligent O&M

One-click automatic deployment
Network self management & optimization
Fast trouble shooting

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • GMLC

    Access and authentication of the application, obtain and verify the user privacy settings, forward the location request to the LMF through the AMF to complete the location calculation, and provide the final location result to the location application.

    The product provides the following functions:

    - SP/LCS client management

    - Privacy management

    - Blacklist/whitelist management

    - Positioning fallback management

  • LMF

    LMF is the core NE that provides the control plane location in the 5GC. It completes the calculation and feedback of the location information in the 5G network, and provides such functions as location process management, terminal capability acquisition, auxiliary data provision and terminal location estimation.

    The product provides the following functions:

    - Supports UE location calculation.

    - Obtains downlink location measurement or location estimation information from UEs.

    - Obtains uplink location measurement from NG RAN.

    - Obtains non-UE-related auxiliary data from NG RAN.

    LMF supports medium-precision and high-precision positioning methods such as CELLID, UL-TDOA and A-GNSS.