Simplified Network

Building efficient, intelligent, and open 5G Cloud & Network

Win in the Future

With the rapid development of the mobile Internet and various industries, more and more applications need to rely on operator's communication network capabilities, especially 5G capabilities, to meet various applications' needs such as service enhancement, experience improvement, service differentiation and cost reduction. ZXUN NCEE came into being. It is dedicated to rapid and flexible integration with the capabilities provided by telecom networks and service platforms, encapsulates capabilities into standardized and lightweight APIs, and exposes them in a secure and controllable way. It helps operators expand the service range of communication network capabilities, promote the transformation and development of various industries, and build a win-win ecosystem.


Products Advantages

Standard Framework and Functions
Compliance with the CAPIF

Rich Network Exposure Capabilities

2/3/4/5G network capability exposure
Expanding operators' IT capabilities exposure

Mature and Fast Delivery Capabilities

Rich experience in IoT connection

Latest Function

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Major Function

  • Capability Exposure Function

    Supports functions such as the telecom network protocol adaptation, encapsulation and exposure, message distribution and routing, policy control and traffic control;

    Supports integration and exposure of 2G/3G communication capabilities;

    Supports integration and exposure of 4G/5G network capabilities (SCEF and NEF);

    Supports the expansion of other capabilities integration and exposure.

  • Capability Control Function

    Provides capabilities such as capability discovery, and capability status subscription and notification;

    Provides functions such as authentication and authorization, access control and policy control of API invocations by interaction with the capability exposure function.

  • Capability Management Function

    Provides operator's administrators with functions such as API life cycle management, API product operation management, partner management, system and configuration management, and statistical reports through the management portal.

  • Partner Service Function

    Provides application developers or partners with self-service functions such as developer registration, API product purchase and API display through the partner service portal.

  • General Supporting Function

    Includes public sub-functions such as license management and control, data storage, network management alarm, and operation and maintenance.