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Three-Node Edge Server

E5430 G4 edge computing server is specially designed for characteristics of edge equipment room. It uses  front wiring and can be placed in the 600mm cabinet. It can work at a wide temperature range. It can be configured with three computing nodes and supports strong heterogeneous, storage and mixed configuration. It meets service requirements of storing, analyzing, and processing edge data in 5G, IoT, AI, and other application scenarios.

Products Advantages

Advanced heterogeneous computing architecture, high performance, high density
1.E5430 G4 supports 3 computing nodes. Each computing node uses x86 as the main processing plane. It can be expanded with multiple types of acceleration cards through PCIe slots, to support high-performance IO.
2.Each computing node supports 2-socket Intel (Skylake or Cascade Lake) family XEON processors, with a maximum of 18 memory slots, two SATA/NVMe SSD, two full-height PCIe slots and one half-height PCIe slot.
3.Each computing node supports 2* M.2 SATA SSD and 3* M.2 NVMe SSD.

High availability, high reliability

1.Excellent heat dissipation design, meeting the wide working temperature range in the edge equipment room of China Telecom.
2.Redundancy design of key components; hard disk, power supply and fan support hot swapping, which improves the availability of the system.
3.Supporting -48V DC and 220V AC. The shelf is 450mm deep and can be configured in a standard 19-inch 600mm cabinet.

Convenient management, easy maintenance

1.Front cabling design for easy maintenance and management
2.Supporting hardware resource discovery, combination, configuration, status management, alarm, and firmware upgrade
3.Supporting strong KVM functions, IPMI2.0, SNMP, DCMI1.5, and integration with third party management systems
4.Supporting out-of-band centralized management in the WEB mode and Restful management interface to manage and monitor resources such as CPU, memory, hard disk, fan and power supply.

Major Function