Cloud & Network Synergy

Accelerating ICT transformation and service innovation

Enhances Performance and Reduces TCO

ZTE VoLTE solution is based on the IMS Voice over LTE network solution. It provides an end-to-end overall solution, including IMS, EPC, CS, RAN and signaling network components.


ZTE VoLTE Solution Provides Rich Services and Improves User Experience

ZTE VoLTE solution provides rich multimedia services such as HD voice, HD video and RCS, which can effectively improve the customer's market competitiveness in the voice service field and enhance the customer's loyalty.

ZTE VoLTE solution can support the industry-leading integrated innovative solution of 2G/3G/LTE/WiFi seamless roaming and FMC.


ZTE VoLTE Solution Supports Flexible Deployment and Ensures Network Security

ZTE VoLTE solution supports the Multi-Tenancy deployment mode: the control plane can be deployed in a centralized manner and managed by rights and domains to improve the resource utilization and reduce the O&M load. The user plane can be deployed in a separated manner to reduce the detour of media routing.

ZTE VoLTE solution is the most complete core network cloudification solution in the industry. It not only has a leading cloud architecture, but also achieves low-cost innovation through componentization and micro-services, and virtualization on both the control plane and the media plane.


ZTE VoLTE Solution Optimizes Network Performance and Improves O&M Efficiency

ZTE VoLTE solution provides powerful security control functions, which can resist the 72X+ signaling storm and provide the disaster recovery solution at the second level. It guarantees the security of users and the core network in an all-round way.

ZTE VoLTE solution supports end-to-end network performance optimization to improve user perception and increase operators' benefits.


ZTE VoLTE Solution Supports Smooth Evolution to 5G Network

ZTE VoLTE solution greatly improves the efficiency of operation and maintenance through efficient intelligent O&M tools based on AI and big data, and can launch new services quickly as needed.

ZTE VoLTE solution adopts the 4G/5G integrated architecture to support the smooth evolution to the 5G network.


Solutions Advantages

E2E optimization & intelligent O&M
Higher performance
Better user experience
More efficient O&M
Rich services
HD voice & HD video
Multimedia communication
Fixed-mobile convergence
Smooth evolution
Multi-NEs on one board
Cloudfication of all NEs
5G-oriented IMS network

Customer Value

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